11 House in Aquarius

People born when the 11 house in Aquarius are very windy and rarely have long friendships. The slightest change in their life can make them break with a man whom they considered quite close yesterday. For this reason, it is easier for them to communicate with people who are younger than them.

They also prefer working with young people. They have experience and skills of interacting with it, and they understand how to manage such a group of people. Together with this they have a disdain for the authorities. They rarely feel respect for the elders, their individualism hinders this.

Many ideas of people born when the 11th house in Aquarius appeals directly to the mind, without completely ignoring the sphere of feelings. Due to this they perfectly cope with the decision of logic problems, and also are productive, when it is necessary to reach any set goals.

Despite the fact that the above feature has a positive effect on the interaction of such a person with the group, he still needs to at least sometimes forget about logic, and try to understand at a sensible level what is happening in society.

If this is not done, the words of such an individual at some point may become incomprehensible. Moreover, his ideas seem insane, and the members of the group will refuse to participate in their implementation. As a result, a person will turn out to be a rejected collective, although it will retain a sense of self-righteousness.

Such people have many friends. However, he can easily break with someone if he demands excessive attention or emotional empathy from him. In friendship for them the most important thing is the ability to come to the rescue, as well as the ability to jointly realize some ideas. They have a strong talent for drama and have the ability to teach. They know about this, and therefore often choose the appropriate profession.

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