Asteroids in 11th House

Eros in the 11th House

The eleventh house is traditionally associated with groups, hopes and wishes, membership in organizations, relationships to friends and advisors and goals for the future. It has been tagged as the desire to be more than what we already are, as happens when joined to a group or association. It is also the desire to be everything we can possibly be, as reflected in what we wish and hope for. This house represents a stretching beyond the individual identity that pushes out into the lager world as a whole.

When Eros is found in the eleventh house, friendships, groups and goals take on a potent and possibly passionate quality. We may experience friends as triggers for erotic feelings, transformations or creative turning points. Whether a person with an eleventh house Eros passionately merges with a friend or that friendship inspires them to experience the erotic through another person matters little. The important point is that through friendship, the god of love awakens.

Juno in the 11st House

If you have Juno in the eleventh house you might find it difficult to settle down. The approval of your friends of your partner is very important to you. It is also possible that you could marry a good friend. You also prefer a partner who is a philanthropist or very involved in the community. You could never marry a hermit. Yet another nice quality about you is that you are very capable of remaining friends with your ex after marriage. Examples of celebrities who have this placement are Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Michael Jackson, Jude Law, Nicolas Cage, Bruce Lee and Helen Hunt.

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