11 House in Cancer

The person who is born when the 11th house in Cancer, very much appreciates his friends. He treats them as if they are members of his family. In view of the fact that quickly and strongly attached to them, they may experience psychological crises when they have to say goodbye to someone (even if it is only for a while).

When such people have to work in a team, they immerse deeply into it and literally merge with the group. Relationships within the society are intimate for them. Because of this, they easily invite colleagues and acquaintances to their homes.

However, with regard to plans, ideas and just ideas for the future, they do not want to share this with anyone. They can nurture for years, and tell about it only when they are either confident of success, or at all until the end realize the idea. The care that is available in a social group, such a person, is almost always perceived as personal. Due to this, it is the key link on which depends on how some business or problem will be resolved.

Such people have a well-developed intuition, and only with the help of one can solve most of the problems that throws life. In particular, this applies to situations where teamwork of the whole group is required. In this case, the person born at the moment when the 11th House in Cancer, quickly notices all inconsistencies and either he himself resolves them, or gives corresponding instructions to certain members of the group.

Socialists like these people because of their well-marked sympathy. They are always ready to help, because of what they forgive many small shortcomings, for example, high emotionality. In view of the fact that such a person quickly and strongly attached to other people, he can not be sure of their reliability. Despite the fact that he understands this, he often has to fall into difficult situations because of such an attitude.

For those who surround this person, he becomes a real treasure. Despite this, somewhere on an intuitive level they feel that the person regularly has a manipulative effect. However, they try not to notice this.

If such a person does not develop his personality, he can eventually become an intriguer who always tries to achieve goals through a hidden influence on other people. If he manages to find the strength and develop the personality to the desired level, then in the end a caring and loyal person will turn out.

As for the relationship with the family, here the people born when the eleventh House in Cancer are very good at characterizing themselves. They sincerely and warmly treat children and spouses.

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