11 House in Capricorn

The person who was born in the period when the 11th house in Capricorn, in himself and in other people, most of all appreciates the permanence. He always seeks to create an unassailable defense against various adversities. Therefore, in the choice of associates first of all draws attention to the availability of the following qualities: reliability and conservatism.

Because the reliability of a person is always checked exclusively by time, new people close to themselves admit rather slowly. However, when they do manage to do this, they get full trust and disposition.

People born when 11 House in Capricorn, differ in pragmatism. When they have to work in a team, they show great productivity and dedication. Negatively relate to those who are many and do not joke about business, shirk from performing their duties. They want their social group to work, like a well-oiled mechanism. For this reason, they tend to optimize the workflow, and this is good for them.

They have the makings of a leader. They are often able to set, albeit local, but specific goals, to achieve which there are all means. However, their requirements to the members of the group are accustomed to build in the absolute. Interaction with their subordinates takes place in the form of orders, which makes them seem rather harsh and merciless around. In view of this, from time to time a strong tension is created within the group.

If such a person does not pay enough attention to their development, then soon he will be crushed by the group. It is clear that in the presence of pressure, he will not be able to realize any of the goals. In order to become a strong personality, he should look for ways to change his behavior. You need to learn to most gently influence the other members of the group. It is also recommended that he adapt his own requirements to the needs of most of the team. Only when his personality is in a harmonious state can he determine the goals, find ways and means to achieve them.

Friends of such people, as a rule, a little. The reason for this lies in the fact that they do not go to the contact themselves. It is necessary that someone first suggested interacting together. At the same time, internally, they resist to close access to dozens of people.

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