11 House in Gemini

People who are born at the moment when the 11th house in Gemini, choose their surroundings on the basis of special criteria. First of all, they value in other people: education, high intellectual development, and culture. When they implement some ideas, they are most pleased with unexpected positive results, the elegance of solutions. Inspiration is derived from the ideas of their friends. In view of this, they are able to quickly get what they want.

Being in society, a man born when the 11th house in Gemini takes on communicative functions and the role of one who solves complex intellectual problems. Such an individual is always aware of all the things that happen in his group. Because of this, it has a great advantage over the rest of its members. In those cases when a person has a well-developed personality, this ability helps him to create a strong society in which he is of great importance. If the person remains at a primitive level, then everything is costly gossip.

People born when the House was in Gemini are rarely fixed in one place in their social group. They can change it very often and provoke squabbles and strife. If such a person develops his personality, then after a certain time he loses all negative communicative qualities. It acquires the opportunity to foresee conflict situations even before this happens. Such people are constructive enough in their thoughts, beliefs and statements, however, they treat everything superficially. In particular, this applies to cases in which intellectual abilities should be shown.

Most of the time the events in the group look too optimistic. Pink glasses are not removed even when there is despair in the society. In view of this, it is sometimes necessary to adjust their behavior and thoughts. Otherwise, they will not be able to help you in solving important problems for the group. Such people are very popular. Because of this, they can attract the envy of other members of the group. Especially when it comes to the work team.

The person who was born when the eleventh house was in Gemini, it is recommended to watch that his words do not disagree with real actions. It should be remembered that those who have to deal with, there is not only rational thinking, but also feelings.

The closest relationship such an individual establishes with people who are able to demonstrate the power of the mind and the beauty of thought. By tying such relationships, a person gets the opportunity to develop all his potential and achieve great success in the public, personal and professional spheres.

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