Jupiter in 11th House

Those with Jupiter in the 11th house are people who seek social connections with a wide range of people. Jupiter here is often present with group leaders, and the person may even take on the role of teacher. They are usually enthusiastic, overwhelming with plans and ideas for growth to help the larger community.

The individual with this placement could be involved with technology, new age ideas and progressive pursuits. Possessing such a benefit planet in this house means that they are frequently found as part of an organization, and among people who share their visions.

Usually good fortune is found through acquaintances, associates and friends in high places. It can be a humanitarian placement and good-will, generosity and humour is expressed with others in mind. The person may need a lot of mental stimulation and achieving goals is what will bring a lot of happiness, joy and fulfillment into their life. The individual usually finds that their morals, beliefs, and social mores are more expressed when with friends.

The function of Jupiter is to enlarge, offer protection, hope and optimism and represents our ability to expand our horizons. Therefore Jupiter in the 11th house of the chart will experience expansion and development of their goals, hopes and wishes with the support of the group and society at large. The individual experiences some popularity in their circle of friends when they are involved in teamwork and functioning as part of many.

They can spread themselves quite far in social circles, and are enthusiastic about new trends of thought, social advancements, and benefits that help humanity. Jupiter here is often a favoured member of any group. They are well-liked and can be the main supporter of any movement with a goal. They can be generous and find others that are also helpful.

Jupiter in the 11th house finds like-minded people with the same interests and cannot work with those who donโ€™t share some of their beliefs, and the meaning of life may be found through the larger community. Sometimes an over involvement in social activities can put stress on other areas of life when they promise too much. They really need to try and balance things out. Jupiter has a tendency to over-do things and will take on more than they can physically handle, and then neglect practical affairs.

Overall their faith and hopeful nature wins through. Teaching, education and travelling with friends - mentally, spiritually or physically is often promised with this natal position of Jupiter and the journey towards that goal is what really matters most.

Jupiter in the 11th House

Your social life means a lot to you, and you take great pleasure in connecting with your friends as well as involvement in teams and groups or with your community. You might benefit through friends who are influential or simply helpful. You are altruistic by nature, and you especially value people and personal freedom. You are very open to new methods and progress, and you display great tolerance and humanitarianism.

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