11 House in Leo

A man born when the 11th house in Leo constantly needs confidence and strength. It can only be extracted from external sources. Because of this, he needs to constantly seek and make contacts with influential people. The disclosure of the potential of such people depends very strongly on those who surround it. They are greatly influenced by the interests and ideas of friends and acquaintances. They like it when someone first takes the initiative. When they see it, they immediately pick it up and strive to jointly realize some idea. At the same time, they do not like it when someone rejects the generally accepted norms.

Own ideas, which, however, formed under the influence of society, can only be realized if they have a strong patron. They treat him with respect, so they always try to live up to expectations. They put a lot of effort into the work, they are looking for non-standard ways that will allow achieving the result with minimal costs. Because of this they have all chances to become successful businessmen.

To implement the ideas take themselves to the help of people from a close environment. They are fully committed to the cause and try to always monitor the actions of those with whom they work. Perhaps, to this they are putting too much effort, because of what they are wasting a lot of energy.

The person who was born when the 11th House in Leo constantly interferes in the work of other people. It tries to seem like an authority and does much to consolidate its status. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he has a strong patron, and he wants to associate with him as much as possible.

However, it is affirmed only locally, within the framework of its relatively small social group. At the same time, it prefers to assert itself at the expense of other representatives of the society, showing them that all the merits belong to him. The development of the personality of such a person occurs as a result of the transfer of his energy to others. Yes, he is narcissistic, and sometimes he is overcome by pride, but this does not prevent him from encouraging others to do great things.

This person wants to be the main person. However, if his psyche is poorly developed, as a result, the social group gets the upper hand, and takes it from heaven to earth. In order for this not to happen, it is recommended that he learn to be more objective and grateful for what other members of the society are doing.

The developed personality most of all appreciates in other people fidelity and nobility. They approve of those who can always be relied upon, while they themselves are able to substitute a friendly shoulder. In order to make real friends, such a person should better develop analytical skills and become more attentive. At the same time, he is recommended to abandon the hopeless old relationship, and start to discover new contacts for himself. His ascent can be inhibited by two qualities: excessive pride and selfishness. They interfere with him both in his personal life and in the professional sphere.

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