11 House in Libra

The person who was born when the 11th house in Libra, most of all appreciates in other people independence and a good sense of taste. He can easily connect himself to the person with whom he has been friends or worked for a long time.

The potential available for such people are realized through the opportunities present at a close environment (relatives, friends, colleagues). The stated goals are always realized through interaction, persuasion or manipulation of people whom they trust.

In his social group, a man born when the 11th House in Libra is an objective point of view on various collective issues. It is guided by it, it tries to solve common problems. Working in a team has a positive effect on such people. During it, they learn to interact with the other members of the group as effectively as possible, which develops diplomatic skills in them.

They are quite dependent on public opinion. But, at the same time, they are fairly balanced and calmly consider any issue, trying to solve it most correctly. Such a person has an innate ability to harmonize interpersonal relationships. Thanks to this, he can easily resolve any conflict, as a result of which each participant can get the maximum benefit.

Very carefully approaches to using personal authority in the group to exert pressure on her and achieve some of his personal interests. This behavior is completely justified, so the thoughtless application of such methods can lead to a loss of equilibrium in society. Such people want to look beautiful and elegant. This applies not only to appearance, but also to behavior. When this happens, they can become arrogant, which leads to quarrels with close people.

As for friends, for these people they are of enormous importance. Most often they are looking for contacts among musicians, artists, writers and other personalities whose activities are directly related to creativity. At the same time, they are strongly attached when they find the person they were looking for. They completely trust him. In this case, it should be remembered that he can not justify the expectations and lead the wrong way.

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