Mars in 11th House

Mars in the eleventh house people have enormous surges ofpulsing energy to deliver into social circles and maintaining friendships. The individual’s friends, acquaintances and community groups create fantastical opportunities and stairways to intimate dreams. As the planet of vitality, spirit and forth, Mars sparks zesty flames through the dream weaved and collaborative eleventh house.

The individual requires stimulating and fulfilling friendships, social involvement and a full social calendar to relish upon. He is typically the ‘life of the party’ and attracts a diverse range of friends and buddies along the way. Most of these formed friendships deliver purpose filled and soul messages for the individual.

The eleventh house Mars person is full of spirit when it comes to political and social reform, and may uphold formidable democratic debate. He is a natural promoter of social events and resonates in party planning, festivals, event management and public relations. His vibrant enthusiasm and radiant interpersonal warmth is well received and popular amongst his social services – he loves people and they can tell.

He expresses strong ambitions and leadership flair, and his own self confidence compels many to follow his compassionate lead. He attracts those who are outspoken, aggressive and adventurous and relish in his rich and elated social Mars energy. His resources are poured vigorously on the behalf of others and his vision and delight is triggered by social encounters. He will typically enjoy the social aspects of school, university and work more than the formal event.

Mars in the eleventh house personalities inject generous bursts of idealism and light into collaboration, and he frequently finds himself in close competition with his friends. This is expressed through eleventh house Mars native psychotherapist Carl Jung and his antagonistic feud with one time colleague Sigmund Freud in the name of social initiative and innovation.

He may express somewhat demanding in nature when it comes to friends, social groups and politics although this is gelled with an incredible love for people and joyful, sensitive liberality. His dissatisfaction with the current social agenda prompts his protective nature and need to install progression and empathy into his surroundings. More than often, the friends he makes are the very people who carry the maps and compasses that lead him straight toward his high reaching dreams.

Mars in the 11th House

You will use your ability to work with people to achieve your personal goals. You may have only a few close friends, because you are too busy enlarging your circle to establish many permanent relationships.

You weren’t born to be a team-player, but will find that support is necessary to further your ambitions. Cooperation and coordination should be your key words for success and play a major part in your life-pattern of expansion.

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