Neptune in 11th House

Those with Neptune in the 11th house are idealistic, visionary and empathetic towards people. It could be viewed as the ultimate placement for those concerned with a Utopia, a humanitarian paradise; where one longs to create an ideal society that is a perfected unity between individuals.

The individual feels enormous compassion for the welfare of others, especially concerning the community, and this is the type most likely to form charitable groups for those people that are mistreated or unfortunate. Moreover, there could be an interest in mystical, otherworldly, healing, philanthropic groups, and causes that serve humanity. Neptune here could also easily be a placement for those into music, esoteric, photography and art groups.

The person aligns themselves to a cause where they can provide the much needed help by offering services to groups and movements aimed at creating more awareness and uplifting others to a higher ideal. It is the final dream the fantasy of the world all co-existing together in harmony. Many times there is an artistic inclination or an expression of love and peace and need to bring beauty to mankind.

There is nothing that elevates the spirit higher than music and art, even in myth the most hideous, beastly and monstrous of creatures were soothed, healed, restored and elevated by such beautiful sounds made by the gods of melody and song. The individual could also be concerned with the supernatural side of Neptune and be involved in progressive-sciences of a psychic-kind. The individual is properly concerned with its spiritual evolution and looks for kindred souls to share in their vision.

The person with Neptune here needs to be careful about the issue of boundaries and also deception within collective organizations; there is a sense of merging with friends in mystical and religious groups. The individual often feels that society needs saving, and needs some form of rescuing and there is constant dissatisfaction with how civilization operates, they may place their faith in something only to be let down.

Neptune tends to create a veil of illusion, creating areas that are sometimes difficult to see clearly or we like to imagine the best of a situation. Astrologers warn of making friends with unreliable people, to use more discrimination because there is a susceptibility to the influence of others. The individual is more malleable to the suggestions of others and this pliability could lead the individual astray.

This means that the type must be careful not to be easily led when involved in groups, being involved with the wrong people of a certain kind, for it tends to play on their emotions and could turn out to be rather dubious. The person may give away their hard earned money, believing it is going to a good cause only to realize they have been cheated.

The type must also be wary of friends with alcohol, drug problems or unstable individuals. Neptune in the 11th house may have some friendships that involve rescuing and that are underpinned by emotional difficulties of some sort, leading to frequent storms, and in the end the person always finds themselves in the role of the ‘sensitive friend’ with a great willingness to help.

However, there could be a betrayal in friendship, so they need to keep their eyes open and emotions clear. It can sometimes mean a loss of friends that are hard to get hold of again, and it could be a tragedy, through death, overdose, suicide, or drowning and it leaves the individual with a lot of guilt feeling around the area of friendship, wondering whether they could have done more to help. On the other side, it can simply mean that friendships drift apart with no clear sense of what happened, and the person may recall many friends lost over time.

The individual with Neptune in the 11th house adapts their behavior in groups, and the placement also involves the person making many sacrifices for the greater good. The 11th house is called the house of hopes, goals, and ideals, to move beyond bong concerned with the self, ego and personal issues and stretches up towards a higher goal and needs to involve itself in the larger scheme of things.

We move upwards toward collective-hopes, collective-goals, and collective-ideals. All members of the group support one another, and have a common dream, which involves teamwork in all aspects. It entails all people with aspirations, a sense of meaning and value to what can be achieved with many like-minded souls, for there is no “I” in the team. However, it is not like the person loses all sense of who they are because these societies are based on the individual’s own values, longings and ideals expressed in a larger format. Nevertheless, there is still the danger of losing the self to these schemes and being influenced too easily by other people.

The group may represent a place where the Neptune in 11th house individual finds salvation, escape, and redemption. According to Liz Greene: “Alcoholics Anonymous…which seeks to offer help to the individual through identification with a group of fellow sufferers…. Neptune is in Virgo in the 11th house”.

Therefore, the author is saying that often these groups must share something in common, serve a common goal and symbolize a group of individuals with the same spiritual aim. The person is unusually sensitive to causes that can elevate the soul or blindside them; there is no doubt that much sympathy in directed toward the activities of the 11th house. The person feels a large tidal wave of emotion directed towards humanity and in some shape or form wishes to wash away the ills of the world and create a better world.

With Neptune here, placed in the part of the horoscope associated with the future, there may also be times of confusion about their goals, aims and purposes, for things are always in constant flow and the waters are unpredictable. One moment the individual is carried by the currents towards one particular plan, but then they are floating again in the sea of other possibilities. As long as they feel fulfilled and are contributing something mystical, artistic, political to the group and aspiring to some higher aim the person feels a deep sense of emotional satisfaction.

Neptune in the 11th House

You have very accepting, humanitarian, and idealistic views. You are especially idealistic about friendships, always adapting and displaying much flexibility with people, but hopefully not to the point of being taken advantage of. Some with this position are so accommodating and non-discriminating in their choice of friends that they leave themselves open to being deceived or used.

You may find it very challenging to draw up boundaries when it comes to how much of yourself you give up in order to keep the peace in friendships. You might also find it hard to get in touch with your deepest wishes and hopes, and what it is that will make you happy. You might frequently feel unsatisfied as you reach a goal, wanting something more.

You might also yearn for a feeling of true camaraderie and spiritual connection with friends or through group associations, but because your ideals may be too high or unrealistic, you often feel dissatisfied or let down. You are likely to attract, or be attracted to, artistic, sensitive, or unusual and even off-center friends into your life.

You have much sympathy and compassion for the underdog or the downtrodden. You need to be careful not to give so much of yourself that you end up feeling used. Strive also to be clear with others in order to avoid confusing or chaotic situations.

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