11 House in Pisces

People who were born when the 11th house in Pisces harmoniously combines wisdom and subtle emotionality. When choosing their environment, they pay more attention to what intuition tells them, and also what emotional response a person causes. Thanks to this, they allow only those people with whom they can establish harmonious relationships.

When such a person makes a mistake and offends his relatives, he has a strong stress. He can also reproach himself for the fact that one of those whom he considered a friend, disappointed him. If a person who was born, when the 11th House in Pisces does not care much for his spiritual development, he can become a real parasite. He will use the members of his group to achieve their own goals, constantly spoil their mood.

Friendship in this case for almost means nothing. He will start looking for new acquaintances, but he will not be responsible to any of the newly acquired associates. However, such a person will learn to easily find profitable opportunities. In this case, they will certainly use them, even if as a result, someone will suffer damage.

But if he can find the strength for development, he will eventually learn how to render useful assistance in many cases, and also he can always mitigate difficult situations that arise in the team. However, regardless of the level of their development, such people will remain optimists. They will always look at the world, as if through rose-colored glasses. In very neglected cases, this can lead to tension and conflicts within the team.

As for the relationship with friends, here everything is more or less smooth. Such a person can always find the time to help a friend who finds himself in a difficult situation. The only thing, it is recommended to him to devote less time to finding out the relationship, and instead learn to be compromises.

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