11 House in Scorpio

The person born when the 11th house in Scorpio is attracted to other people by the enterprising and sincere, unselfish desire to come to the rescue. However, despite this, he is very suspicious. Before someone starts to trust, he needs to check a person many times. However, due to this peculiarity, in the end, it forms a really strong environment around itself. With weak people communicates rather seldom.

In view of innate enterprise, people who came into being when the 11th House in Scorpio often achieve their goals through the use of others. Therefore, they perfectly organize the work of the members of the group, define clear goals that are important for the majority, and, of course, never forget about themselves. Everything that happens inside his social group, is perceived extremely emotionally and deeply. He does not like imperfect forms, and in case of detection, he makes every effort to correct them.

He does not like to talk, so to speak, about anything. At the same time, when it comes to important things that affect the entire social group, it can share them with outsiders. As a result, if it does not lead to disaster, then at least to quarrels and strife.

Has a great influence on the members of the group. If you have the appropriate desire, you can change the views and goals of the team members. He does not like when someone from the environment shows intolerance and does not follow the sequence in his actions. Such people are very fond of criticizing. However, as a rule, they bend the stick.

As a result, their criticism has a destructive effect on the person in relation to which it is directed. In order to develop spiritually, such a person should learn to find a common language with people, including those who are disliked. In addition, he is recommended to lower his level of emotionality.

If such a person does not manage to overcome himself, he will often show unreasonable behavior. As a result, the team will prop it up against the wall, which, for obvious reasons, will not allow him to correct the imperfections noticed in society and refine the shortcomings. To remedy the situation, he should watch to ensure that his criticism has always been objective. Moreover, in the process of its expression it is necessary to adhere to generally accepted norms.

Such people like to oppose the group in which they are leaders, to the rest of the world. Thanks to this, the collective can give birth to a lot of new, innovative ideas. And, if you have the necessary perseverance, realize them and get a weighty reward.

When such an individual is in a friendly company, he shows softness and kindness. He is quite astute and knows what every member of his company wants. However, at the same time, he is quite emotionally vulnerable. He may be discouraged by even minor problems that arose with his friends or family members.

For really close friends of such people is not enough. However, this is due to the fact that he chooses them very long. Thanks to this, he can be completely confident in their honesty, fidelity and reliability.

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