11 House in Taurus

People born in the period when the 11th house in Taurus are very attentive to the selection of their surroundings. Before someone becomes a friend of such a person, he undergoes various checks. It is necessary that he be balanced, do not need to finance and have a wide range of hobbies.

Due to his scrupulous selection of associates, such a person gets great opportunities: he quickly finds sources for investment, as a result of which he finds wealth. To implement almost all of his ideas he uses the means of friends.

However, despite all of the above, it is quite difficult for him to find his place in the society. He is constantly in search of a position that suited his ideal "I". But, as a rule, the right place is either occupied, or it is completely absent.

The person who was born when the 11th House in Taurus loves concrete and fully decorated things. In view of this, he chooses the appropriate work. When something is taken, tries to bring it to the end, even if others clearly see that it is doomed to failure. But, in view of his perseverance and perseverance, he still finds options that are useful.

In situations where he does not see the point in a particular lesson, he can shy away from them for a long time. Even if this situation is due to a sense of duty to the society. He intuitively feels his duty, but to realize it and attach great importance will not.

If such a person can overcome himself and develop personality traits, he can become a true friend. Will be attentive and will come to the rescue in any situation. In the event that he does not pay due importance to personal development, with a high probability will receive many problems in the business sphere and communication with relatives.

Such people have an innate ability to optimally dose personal life and work. To their surroundings are treated with sincere warmth, almost like a mother to their own child. They do not leave the feeling that they are always right. Because of this, even if they say frank delusions, they still try to convince the interlocutor of the truth of their statements. It is due to the fact that they want to have value in their group, to influence its members.

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