Uranus in 11th House

Uranus feels its power in the eleventh house where it relishes in working toward social change. Having Uranus in the house it rules gives the chart holder a comfortable feeling in groups and in friendly, acquaintance type relationships. They prefer these relationships over close, emotional relationships. Working with others toward a common goal is inspiring and satisfying for them.

The idiosyncrasies of individual members are accepted no matter how outlandish and are treated as normal parts of what makes up a group. Uranus doesnโ€™t feel threatened by differences and believes their acceptance makes them superior to those who are unaccepting. This can make them push too hard for what they believe is best for society.

Sometimes, their excitement about making sweeping social change in a one-size-fits-all fashion blinds to them to the fact that we are also individuals with different opinions. Just like anyone else, these chart holders can also be wrong, and their zest for change can lead groups in the wrong direction.

In general however, these people are good at keeping relationships with people somewhat detached and non-judgmental. They excel at the reciprocal style of relating in social networking often gaining monetarily here from social connections and their ability to work through bureaucracy seamlessly.

Uranus in the 11th House

Your independence doesnโ€™t allow you to identify too closely with any group or social circle. Goals and ambitions for you are idealistic. You crave your ideals and may not be willing to compromise them to fit in with others. Thus you go around life feeling slightly superior to, and perhaps disdainful of people who compromise their ideals to just "fit in". Your personal charm and wit will mesmerize many.

While interacting in a group situation you are likely to come across as a bit aloof and erratic. In the short term this can cause misunderstandings. People will appreciate your simplicity and honesty in the long run. You pride yourself a loner in many ways. However you are likely to connect really well with people who share your ideals and these relationships will last a lifetime.

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