11 House in Virgo

The person who was born in the period when the 11th house in Virgo is quite practical. In accordance with this, he also shapes his inner circle. In situations where a close person has problems, he quickly comes to the rescue and does not move away until it is completely solved.

Such a person, as a rule, has a wide circle of friends. He finds a common language with almost all colleagues, and after a rather short period translates them as good friends. Such people know everything about their society. Thanks to this, if any of his surroundings have problems, he tries to cooperate with all the forces, so that they quickly resolve.

As for concrete cases, people born at the moment when the 11th house in Virgo, are extremely pragmatic towards them. They are materialists, and instead of spiritual development, they often prefer things that can be seen or touched.

If such a person pays little attention to his personal development, then in the end he becomes excessively meticulous: he studies thoroughly all aspects of the matter that could be easily dropped, counts the incomes of each member of the collective, etc. If this individual holds a management position, then he carries out the appropriate actions in order to show that the employees make little effort to achieve the companyโ€™s goals, and earn too much.

He works a lot in the team. In doing so, he often interferes in the affairs of other members. This provokes discontent within the group. For all that, he lacks energy and ingenuity. Therefore, the team must help him. Such people love attention to themselves. In a conversation with someone, they try to get the smallest details.

They take care of their loved ones in constant reflection on improving their lives. Accordingly, they think that the environment should do the same for them. They have more confidence in the facts, so they are guided by them. Because of this, they often do not notice the main thing โ€” how they are treated. Emotion, they betray a fairly weak value.

Interact with the group like people like, but they are afraid of large crowds of people. They prefer to spend time in a circle of 3-4 close friends, whom they have long known and well understand. Such a person likes animals. He can devote his life to the humanities and social activities. Also, with due regard for his personality, he can become a good leader.

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