12 House in Aquarius

Astrologers have noticed that if a person has a 12 house in Aquarius, then he often shifts personal problems onto the shoulders of the surrounding people. This contributes to the emergence of life’s dangers. Also, an additional negative aspect of character lurks in excessive credulity to a close circle, in particular to comrades. A person easily lends itself to deceit, if a foe uses a psychological device to achieve a low goal.

Personality is not interested in a variety of judgments that relate to the ways of progress and the adaptation of new ideas. Such conversations cause a feeling of loneliness and detachment. A person is often in a depressed state, which has a double action. On the one hand, the mind is oppressed and communication is lost. On the other hand, subconscious imprisonment contributes to the original vision of the world.

Such a person is predisposed to self-sacrifice. Although the victim is carefully considered, the process of presentation has an indifferent attitude. It is necessary to try to eradicate indifference, otherwise the act of sacrifice will not be regarded. For this, the individual must reconsider his own priorities, conducting a detailed analysis of actions and hidden intentions. This will identify and subsequently correct negative aspects of the character.

If a person has 12 House in Aquarius, in life he experiences a feeling of anxiety, which lasts up to thirty years. Explain the reason for this phenomenon is not possible, because it is hidden in the depths of the subconscious. Personality has a negative attitude to various restrictions, constantly strive for freedom of action. However, the emotional experience is under control, the internal rebellion is invisible to strangers.

Such a person has a very developed sense of empathy. He likes to engage in charity, expressing verbal sympathy and providing material assistance to the disadvantaged. Such activities bring real happiness to the person, which allows him to find his peace of mind. Thus, strangers see in it only positive aspects, since negative traits of character are not exposed.

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