12 House in Cancer

Astrologers have long noticed that if a person has a 12 house in Cancer, then he is a real family man. For him, the life goal is to create a cozy home, which will become a place of solitude and communication with loved ones. Personality pays great attention to spiritual development, constantly cultivating. It is most convenient for her to do introspection in a home environment where nothing is distracting.

Such a person seems insensitive to criticism. There is no negative reaction to negative judgments, however, this is only an illusion. In fact, he is deeply worried, inflicted insults and harbors insult. This happens in the depths of the soul, where outsiders are prohibited from entering. Such secrecy often leads to a violation of health, because all negative experiences do not go outside, literally eating away the psyche.

We can say that the person lives in a kind of emotional prison. In a loving relationship, it is not capable of fully revealing itself, and as a result, the testing of full-fledged feelings becomes impossible. In order to gain happiness, there is only one way, which is to offer oneโ€™s own independence as a sacrifice to family collectivism. Then it will be possible to create a warm home, which will become an exemplary example.

With a negative scenario of character development, a person begins to force people to donate to him. To achieve this goal, the lowest possible methods can be used, including deception and tying of various intrigues. Fighting such a shortcoming is difficult, because the individual lacks responsibility and honesty. A detailed self-analysis of actions is necessary, which in some cases brings a positive result.

With a positive development of character, a person who has a 12 House in Cancer is very emotional and inclined to self-sacrifice. He sympathizes with destitute and unfortunate people, often engaged in charity. This activity brings him true spiritual pleasure. Therefore, for him the most suitable professional activity associated with the medical or educational sphere.

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