12 House in Capricorn

If a person has 12 house in Capricorn, then he has a conservative and ambitious character storehouse. This poses a certain danger, since cognitive dissonance, which turns into psychological problems, may arise in the mind. But at the same time we can distinguish a positive property, consisting in discipline. A man works hard, always achieving his life goals.

The main advantage of a person is the ability to keep secrets. Therefore, it is capable of taking on secret projects, not giving out information to anyone about the ongoing activities. In work, a person needs to create a calm environment, because in general turmoil, he begins to feel a state of loneliness and alienation. What subsequently leads to psychological oppression and loss of vital interest.

Personality is not recommended to consist of work collectives engaged in practical work. In them, it becomes a kind of victim, following the instructions of the superior people. The person is shifting the most difficult duties, requiring effort. Therefore, it is recommended to select professional activities related to creative work. This will allow you to realize your inner potential by doing your favorite pastime.

With a positive character development scenario, a person can acquire a unique ability to anticipate future events. Although the perfection of the prophetic gift requires constant self-sacrifice. A person must understand his secret desires and curb the desire to receive material benefits. Instead, one should strive for spiritual food, the acquisition of which is encouraged by higher powers.

With a negative scenario of character development, such a person begins to force the surrounding people to sacrifice him. He treats charity issues impartially, without expressing sympathy to the destitute. Instead of words of sympathy, the person offers a thoughtful plan designed to solve the problem. This behavior for outsiders may seem indifferent, so it often causes condemnation.

A man who has 12 House in Capricorn feels surrounded by secret enemies. However, this is an illusion, real enemies are hidden programs of the subconscious. They contribute to excessive selfishness. The preference of oneโ€™s own interests can lead to a pronounced spiritual oppression, therefore, one needs to engage in charity. Helping the destitute will restore psychological balance and restore lifeโ€™s joy.

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