12 House in Gemini

If a person has 12 house in Gemini, this means increased intuitive ability to the integrity of the perception of the surrounding world. This aspect positively affects the psychological state, not allowing overload impressions. Personality easily handles new information, and this happens unconsciously. The necessary data appears in the head by itself, when the need arises in them.

Such a person tries not to expose emotional feelings. Secrecy is a goal for which personal efforts are used. He diligently hides his thoughts in the treasury of the soul, which is an advantage. This allows you to realize your life’s intentions without devoting your surroundings to them. There are no envious persons who are able to destroy plans at the most inopportune moment.

However, the above-described concealment also has some negative aspect. Personality is as if locked in an intellectual dungeon. She does not take part in the discussions and is distinguished by a lower level of communication skills. This prevents a full connection to the mental flow of the surrounding world. As a result of such isolation, strange concepts and philosophical ideas are formed in the person’s thoughts.

It is worth noting that the 12th House in Gemini promotes a sense of compassion towards the sick and disadvantaged. A person begins to engage in charity to satisfy light needs. He is able to find suitable words of consolation, spend considerable amounts of money for help. Such activities give the person a sincere self-gratification and a state of harmony with the external environment.

A person needs to be prepared for mental theft. His favorite thoughts are able to take over familiar people and use them without any references. This is not a cause for conflict, tolerance should be tolerated. Also, a person may have secret enemies, constantly building a variety of machinations. They are often characterized by an increased intelligence, and as a result, special care must be taken in communication.

Personality of the slope to sudden changes in mood. Sometimes emotional uplift can be replaced by a prolonged depression, depressing the nervous system. Such actions occur instinctively and are not controlled by the mind. In such a person, under certain circumstances, extrasensory abilities may open. If this happens, it is recommended that efforts be made to develop the gift so that it will bring life’s benefits.

A person often has excellent intuition. When processing information, he uses the unique capabilities of the subconscious, resulting in the necessary data appear themselves. It is recommended to choose professional activities related to psychology. The study of this science is given to a person relatively simply. The result is significant prosperity, allowing you to understand the intricacies of human nature.

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