Mars in 12th House

Those born with their natal Mars in the 12th House have a considerable depth of emotional perception and a close identification with human suffering. The fiery planet of Mars detonates underwater torrents in the depths of the 12th House, where we are submerged to face the unconscious, the hidden, secrets, death and the inner being. Mars here take on the weight of the world’s worries and find most of the power directed cerebrally, rather than physically. Many born under this placement experience trouble with assertion, vulnerability and destructively repressing the sentiment of unwanted rage or aggression.

Mars in the 12th House will take all precaution to avoid confrontation, and will often be unresponsive during conflict. These individuals experience trouble with force and assertion, often lacking the ‘me first and foremost’ desire. Mars here are plagued with the torments of repressed anger; where the swords taken out to battle others were turned on themselves, often resulting in strange fears, violent fantasies, phobias, self contempt and at its worst self harm. These individuals are likely to attract unwanted enemies, or somehow manage draw the conflict they so fervently avoid.

The 12th House symbolizes everything that is locked away - institutions, prisons, asylums, brothels, monasteries; and many born under this placement feel an overwhelming sense of self isolation and detachment from the world. It’s easy to lose your bearings in the 12th House, and these individuals will fall into worlds they never knew existed.

Their psychic boundaries are porous, and it’s all too easy for them to absorb the distress of humanity, and cut themselves on the barbs. The incredible ability to tap into the anxieties of the mass consciousness instils these individuals with tremendous healing potential, and many find directing their services to the disenfranchised, the abused, the broken is a way to suture some of those cuts.

Mars in the 12th House

This child has Mars in the 12th House, which is not an easy placement for Mars. The energy can be stifled in this house. These children may often be afraid to assert themselves. They can feel defeated before they start, convinced that making any efforts to be seen, or heard, would be futile. The child could express this by being tired all the time. This attitude may have resulted from being with people who have not encouraged him or her very much. Somehow the self-confidence needs to be built and the courage instilled to disregard anyone that tries to inflict negativity.

These children tend to work in secret and to act behind people’s backs. They should try to avoid this. Unfortunately, this child can possibly be blamed for things for which they are not responsible, so always check the facts. A total lack of self-confidence can make him/her so afraid of direct action that the natural course is to do everything indirectly. But deep down, this can be a very strong little person. He or she will just need to get over these hang-ups. Or the child will need to be fortunate enough that someone recognizes early to start building up that confidence. Many athletes and surgeons have this placement.

These children can work very well on their own, as they do not need supervision. They just do not need anyone to discourage them or to put them down. As they mature, these kids will come to believe in themselves naturally. The child with Mars in the twelfth House has a tendency to "think" about what they want to do, rather than just getting on and doing it. This can cause some frustration. These youngsters "know" but they are reluctant to push themselves, or their efforts, or their ideas. Again, this is a lack of confidence.

The sensitivities in this child can run deep through to the psychic nature of things. He/she is likely to have very vivid dreams. These youngsters will stand firm on principles, but may not openly express or explain where the ideas are coming from. He/she can find it easier to project an attitude or a mood to make a point rather than openly express the true feelings within.

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