Neptune in 12th House

Neptune in the 12th house is the most sensitive place for Neptune, as this is it’s natural ruling house. Neptune here makes them incredibly sensitive to the forces operating in the unconscious. Neptune here has a deep sensitivity to society and is highly attuned to victimisation, suffering, loss and chaos.

Neptune in the twelfth house has the ability to formulate collective dreams into art. Artist Dali Salvador has Neptune in the 12th house - and he describes his imagination as so intense that he can remember the intra-uterine-images. Compassionate and extremely sensitive to the emotional tones in the atmosphere surrounding them, they are naturally "psychic" or are able to sense and understand much about a person without knowing them.

Neptune here can overwhelm the sense of ego and the floodgates are flung wide open. This can leave them feeling vulnerable without protective barriers. Neptune knows no boundaries and a vast array of images and collective feelings run through them. Imagine the tap that is left running the entire night and this portrays the constant stream of the creative unconscious that Neptune is tapped into, but it can also be symbolic of a giant wishing well with everybody’s hopes and dreams and deep connection to art, music and poetry.

Being so close to home means they are closer to that feeling of oneness, fusion, compassion and united love. It is the powerful urge to be connected to the universal source, and some twelfth house Neptune’s are incredibly spiritual and need to feel close to the source that resonates deep within. Others may feel vague in describing what this feeling is - and are often overwhelmed (drowned) in the unconscious of the 12th house. The sheer scale of this house take us to many different areas and one of those relations it the ties to our ancestors, ruling over the past and one that stretches far beyond our conscious memory.

On the plus side, Neptune in the twelfth house contributes to a capacity to mirror everyone, but boundaries between the self and others can be very weak. There may be little to prevent the individual plunging into all the suffering of the world...

Neptune’s world can be sought through different “mediums” and there may be very real spiritual gifts here. They are deeply interested in the hidden realm of life and the afterlife, and religion may also be important to these individuals and all activities which help them feel closer to the source. If the individual falls ill it can be a symbol of longing to escape from reality. When the world becomes too much to bear there is a powerful longing to retreat (with a viable excuse), and live in solitude, far away from the chaos. Other Neptune substitutes are sought through alcohol, drugs or any other form of escapist behaviour.

Neptune in the 12th can be a symbol of the descent into schizophrenia or other related psychiatric disorders. The necessity of providing and carving out a living for themselves and learning how to cope with mundane life which is sometimes sacrificed for seclusion. The final house of the wheel of life is associated with institutions, charities, orphanages and prisons. A strong compassion for people who have been discarded from society is another manifestation and they are drawn to working in hospitals or other helping professions, alleviating the separateness and loneliness of others.

There is a strange haunted feeling about the 12th house and it reminds me of steps through time. Neptune here can act as a sort of medium for long forgotten ancestors a flowing vessel of collective sorrows, sadness, sacrifice and unfulfilled dreams. At this point, it must also be emphasized that this is the house of self-undoing and planets here are in danger of becoming the victim/scapegoat for far reaching family conflicts.

There may also be emotional, mental, drink and drug problems in the family history. Neptune here can feel victimized and be labelled as "troubled" and the source of all the problems in the family. The family may have a long history that contains mental illness, victimisation or unfulfilled dreams.

Victimisation, self-inflicted isolation, guilt, martyrdom, and unnecessary suffering. The 12th house has an abundance of meanings from spirituality, religion, mental health, institutions, and the unconscious past. Inner loneliness, and the feeling of isolation often exists, and it has often been said that the best remedy for feeling victimised and overwhelmed by the suffering of others is to go out there and help society in some way. There are great spiritual rewards to be gained from this work. Don’t let too much suffering overwhelm the personality and find an outlet for this dissatisfaction.

Spiritual guidance can help with decisions in life. However, a continuous connection to the “divine” can make it difficult to function in the physical world (the whole horoscope is needed to judge this). There is gift of connecting to the intangible world of the spirit and afterlife. The boundary line between this world and the next becomes less defined. The house of Jupiter and Neptune is the search for the absolute, but with the watery god it is the emotional and eternal perfection and bliss. Neptune in the 12th house has the ability to take us closer to the divine, and their latent or repressed sensitivity will be fully awakened in their adult life.

Neptune in the 12th House

You possess exceptional intuition and you are able to draw upon tremendous inner strength and faith when in a pinch, which might surprise others because of your easygoing and possibly even timid manner. You may be exceptionally sensitive but not always able to express your compassion and concern in direct ways, which can give rise to feelings of guilt.

If you deny the spiritual side of your nature, you run the risk of chronic discontent, and you may feel very vulnerable to normal changes in life, fearing that you may not be able to handle them. In truth, your faith runs deep and surfaces when you need it most, so this fear is actually ungrounded.

You need to learn to believe in yourself, or you might resort to escapist behavior and avoid problems when they do crop up. Some with this position only discover their deep spiritual inclinations later in life, or they are aware of them but have troubles expressing them until they have built a stronger identity.

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