12 House in Pisces

A man who has a 12 house in Pisces has great intellectual abilities. Intuition is well-developed also, which helps to anticipate future events. The main negative aspect, inherent in the character, lies in the hard experience of loneliness. The person starts to rush about in search of communication. However, it is not always possible to leave the created psychological dungeon, because it is hindered by hidden programs of the subconscious.

A person can have secret enemies. Usually they hide in the nearest environment, pretending to be best friends. Identify them is almost impossible. Low-level actions of enemies destroy life plans. This leads to psychological oppression and loss of vital interest. As a result of the intrigues created by the enemies, the way of life of the individual can radically change, and not necessarily for the better.

Such a person is inclined to empathize with destitute people. However, it is not able to fully express their emotional experiences, because of which depression appears. The person tries to entice his thoughts with extraneous objects in order to dispel the sad mood and escape from the psychological stagnation. Although the results of such thinking activity are self-deception, which gives only the illusion of a happy life.

With a positive scenario of character development, such a person is likely to experience mystical experiences. They make it possible to achieve success in painting and music. Therefore, in choosing a professional activity, it is recommended to focus on creativity. A person who has a 12 House in Pisces, is interested in charity, as she has an increased empathy for the disadvantaged and sick.

However, such sympathy has a negative aspect, consisting in self-pity. A person begins to feel sorry for himself, completely forgetting about the goal to help. At the same time, he believes that he commits self-sacrifice, and the rest of the actions are not required. This is a great misconception that needs to be countered. To do this, you should conduct an introspection and understand the hidden intentions.

A person can sacrifice his own interests in favor of outsiders. However, such an act is carried out haphazardly, as a result of which a person is often overtaken by disappointment. His life consists of misunderstanding, because he is not able to correctly assess the actions of other people. Also, it can be difficult for him to understand himself, in order to highlight the main motivation for the actions being carried out.

Such a person needs periodic seclusion in order to replenish the energy potential. At the same time, he must beware of constant loneliness, since probably the development of a deep depressive state. If a person begins to experience problems with excessive closure, it is recommended to consult a psychoanalyst. The specialist will help you understand the root causes that have contributed to the development of loneliness.

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