Saturn in 12th House

Saturn in the 12th House people wander through life with the heavy blanket of the worlds suffering shadowing their every moment. The 12th House is a desolate island, and individuals here tend to be copiously internalized and appreciative of solitude. Humanityโ€™s screams are etched into their leaky pores, and obstructive Saturn can infuse an impelling sense of responsibility over the worldโ€™s sickness. Saturn in the 12th individuals possess incredible powers of healing and resonate divinely in service roles. There may be life themes of self sacrifice, service and resolute devotion.

Shadowy Saturn endows patterns of guilt, self contempt and defense mechanisms ensued to shatter a treacherous inner life. The 12th House relates to the collective unconscious and subconscious wonderland, and with forceful Saturn here, the individual will require a wholesome, intimate relationship with the divine source or be subject to the threat of drug abuse, madness or longstanding depression.

Like interpreting a dream, the 12th House is translucent, and may erupt vehemently from the psyche in seemingly inorganic chaos. Saturn here screams from the subconscious in search of recognition for the interconnection between all beings, God and the universe; calling for an obliteration of the ego in return for sewing themselves amongst the tapestry of wholeness. Saturn in the 12th are forced to submit to the collective, despite their intrinsic, overwhelming illusion of separation.

Saturn in the 12th House people may drench themselves in religious fanaticism, esoteric guidance or substance abuse to guard against feelings of guilt and discontent. Typical psychological probing, medication or therapy may prove ineffective amongst a dissolute personality that subconsciously seeks reunion with the infinite but may refuse to slip between thoughts.

Saturn here indicates periods of forced solitude, hospitalisation or exile and their intrinsic pangs of loneliness casts a lurid glow. These individuals may struggle verbally conveying their inner state across to others, and a world of misunderstanding only acts to increase their loneliness.

There may be intrinsic fears about letting go to the submission of a higher god force or theories of a conscious universe. Saturn is a meticulous guide, and on the sail through the 12th House he demands a complete saturation in the mystic, supernal seas or the risk of drowning alone, and empty.

Saturn in the 12th House

Each planet in the twelfth house represents energies that an individual may be denying even exists. Saturn in this house could mean an early life setback which prompts you to push the realities of life into the unconscious. People with this position of Saturn often are plagued with guilt and it is difficult for them to know where the guilt is coming from, or even to define their anxieties.

Fear of the unknown and of being overwhelmed or controlled by emotions may be the source of your general anxiety in life. It can be difficult for you to submit to the idea that you may need help from others, preferring instead to withdraw and handle your problems in solitude. The idea of exposing your innermost feelings makes you feel painfully vulnerable and dependent on others.

A deep-seated feeling of loneliness and separateness can be the result. While self-control seems to be the most attractive route for you, you might find that letting others inside you, even in little ways, will help you overcome many of the vague feelings of guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety that prevent you from enjoying life in a free and natural manner.

Learning to embrace your sorrow, free from guilt, is the first step towards true self-acceptance. You may be an escapist from life itself. Address your escapism. Question yourself, or talk things through with an alter ego. Make sure that you understand the demands of the real world, as well as its joys and pleasures. This will help you lead a more fulfilling and rich life.

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