Sun in 12th House

The sun in our charts represents our basic identity and self actualization. When we are asked the question, “who are you?” we will usually describe our sun placement. The sun also tells us who we are learning to be, one of the most significant lessons in our lives is to fully embody our sun. Fully embodying your sun with smooth the path to your destiny. Our sun placement (by sign and house) is where we find pride and how we distinguish ourselves in this life. This article will highlight the sun in the 12th but I will also be completing a series of blog posts which identify the influence the sun has in the other 11 houses.

When the Sun (or Leo) is in your 12th house you often feel pulled between two poles. On one hand you desire anonymity and fear the spotlight, often choosing to take positions where you stand behind the leader; remaining in the shadow. On the other, you deeply crave recognition and to some extent fame.

Often with this sun position you will find someone who daydreams of being an actor, writer, comedian, guru or someone else of prominence but in reality has deep fears about the exposure and vulnerability that comes with being in the spotlight. It can be difficult with the sun in this position to raise to a prominent position because your fears of judgement and fame can hold you back from taking the risks and steps necessary to gain public recognition and success. These conflicting thoughts and desires often drive you back into yourself, creating an inner world where you are truly seen for who you are.

This conflict between wanting to stand in the spotlight yet being afraid of it can also lead to backseat driving. On one hand, you want to be the leader of the team on the other you avoid it and as a result you can develop deep resentment for authority figures; trying to control their actions and essentially managing up. Managing up can be a great thing and an excellent tool but observe your motives for doing so and make sure to be honest about who you want to be and how you really feel.

The position of the sun also helps to show us how we see ourselves, and the sun in the 12th would indicate that you see yourself as the part of you that you hide from the rest of the world. Who you are is buried deeply within you and the result is that you may feel that even the people who you have known for the longest don’t truly know you. To you, who you are is two things. One, the part of you that rests within unseen by the outside world and two your connection to spirit. As a result there can be an intense inner world; full of fantasy and spiritual communication that is hidden from even those who are closest to you.

You likely grew up in a home that stressed the importance of humility or where a parent or sibling took most of the attention of the household. Perhaps your parent was famous or prominent in your community forcing you to always take a backseat to their shine and making it difficult to express your individuality in a safe accepting environment. Sometimes this position can also indicate a strained relationship with the father and a childhood where you felt unloved, unwanted or unvalued.

Often with this position people are attracted to spiritual traditions that stress the importance of humility and service. This can cause conflict with the desire that runs within you to let yourself bask in the spotlight. This conflict and tension is a place of great growth. This position of the sun teaches you to find balance between basking in the spotlight as an individual and seeing the beauty in others. It teaches you that you can love yourself deeply and know that you are special but also understand that you are not above anyone else and that every person on the planet is special and has innate value.

You may struggle with low self esteem. You may have interpreted the challenges that you have faced on a reflection of you own inner worth and what you deserve from life. (Which of course is not the case because we all know you are fantastic!). You likely feel connected to other people, specifically those who are disenfranchised and marginalized and you will often act as a protector of those who are unable to speak up for themselves. Thus, this sun position makes people excellent advocates for other peoples rights and entitlements and you often see people with the sun in the 12th in helping professions.

Sun in the 12th House

You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role! Because your will is directed inwards, you need to find a path for yourself that allows you to "get away from it all" at least some of the time.

Honor your need to be alone with yourself, but avoid over-identifying with your inner world to the point that you truly feel alone in a crowd. You shine when you serve others in some way. Your compassion sets you apart from others, but try to work with it rather than let your compassion work against you by reinforcing your own sense of loneliness.

Alternate Interpretation: Some view this placement as the result of a misuse of power in past lives, because you are unduly hard on yourself. Your over-active mind is impressionable. You may become a square peg in a round hole if you wear the mask of others as your own. You require periods of seclusion for rest and self-examination, because you question why "no-one" understands you. If you seek counseling, you may become a counselor to help others avoid the pain of your experiences. You, too, are deserving. Acknowledge that if you are your own worst enemy, you can be your own best friend.

Note that the Sun is more "comfortable" in some houses than it is in others. For example, the Sun’s energy seeks to distinguish oneself as a separate identity. It feels very much "at home" in the fifth house which is its natural domain. In the twelfth, however, it is not as comfy-cozy! The twelfth house energy attempts to dissolve ego boundaries. The Sun is very personal, while the twelfth house is universal. The Sun represents the individual ego, and the twelfth house represents the collective. As such, the Sun in the twelfth house position is more complicated, both to live with and to interpret, than the Sun in the fifth house.

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