12 House in Taurus

A person who has a 12 house in Taurus is very prone to life’s dangers. This is due to a subconscious attraction to the accumulation of material wealth and the search for bodily pleasures. In the event of difficulties, he perceives them as the inevitability of fate, therefore he does not try to show resistance. Which leads to the emergence of even greater problems, in which small unsettled messes pour out.

Such a person often has an inferiority complex. This psychological problem prevents awareness of life goals. A person is sure that he is unable to take control of his own subconscious, so the decision-making depends on emotional experiences. If the character develops in a negative direction, it is likely that the reason for this was children’s memories obtained at an early age.

A person who has a 12 House in Taurus is predisposed to loneliness. He refers to this state with great seriousness, perceiving it as an integral part of life. This isolation prevents normal communication with people. Because of this aspect, a person can not fully empathize, express verbal compassion. If you want to help, offers only material assistance.

A person can fall into depressed states due to emotional experiences. At the same time, she tries to make a certain sacrifice in order to atone for the guilt. Such a victim sometimes requires money, thereby negatively affecting the material situation. Although as a result, the losses incurred are recovered fairly quickly, and life returns to its former course.

In professional activity such a person does not express special emotions, routinely fulfilling his duties. He should understand that any creative process is accompanied by oppression, but it is not a reason to fall into a depressed state. It is also necessary to reconsider the attitude towards the victims. In most cases, self-denial is unreasonable. Refusing personal benefits in favor of other people is appropriate only in rare life situations.

In a state of loneliness, a person tends to occupy himself with a difficult activity that allows him to concentrate on the thought process. He likes to look for unusual approaches to the usual cases, thereby showing ingenuity. In general, the person likes a solitary work that does not require the intervention of unauthorized persons. Otherwise, conflicts may arise that contribute to the already existing loneliness.

Such a person seeks to accumulate material wealth. For her, the availability of funds is a sign of security and confidence. At the slightest deterioration of the financial situation, various fears appear that prevent normal life. Man constantly tries to analyze the events taking place, including his own actions. In this case, there may be increased impulsiveness of character.

There is a need to resist life changes. The person prefers to suffer setbacks without trying to try a new solution to the problem that has arisen. There is a small naivete, due to the premature conclusions. Such inertia can bring negative consequences, representing a large financial loss — loss of cash or personal property.

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