2 House in Aquarius

A person with a 2nd house in Aquarius is a multi-faceted and complex person. He easily interacts with groups of people, but at the same time he remains an extravagant individualist. His well-being is conditioned by the desire to learn new and unusual, he quickly adapts to innovations in the professional sphere of activity. He prefers corporate ethics, is a good organizer and innovator.

The ratio of money to money is unstable, spending is often light and rash. A person of this type has a tendency to expensive and impractical purchases, likes to surround himself with novelties of technology and fashion. The sphere of his interests is rather multifaceted, although he is not always clear to himself. A person of this type determines early and fundamental ways of development early enough and strictly adheres to the previously adopted principles and decisions.

With a low development, this person often becomes bored, he is interested only in extravagant and unusual events, to simple everyday life he feels dislike. For the harmonious development of great importance is the lionโ€™s group ethic, which can teach the representative of the second house in Aquarius practical coexistence with the environment.

With positive development, a person of this type is susceptible to changes in the world, tries to use scientific discoveries and creative ideas in the noble goal of developing and improving the reality of the future. The ideal development of society for such a person is collectivism, equal to fraternal relations in all life manifestations.

In financial development, a representative of this type often experiences difficulties, his life is filled with ups and downs. However, this state of affairs does not bother him much, he easily adapts and is able to quickly restore a shaky situation. He is intelligent, energetic, positive in his perception of life. This person easily overcomes lifeโ€™s difficulties, is not prone to despondency and appreciates good to himself location.

Sources of income for a person of this type can be original ideas and innovations, often this person himself becomes the inventor of new technologies. In life, he surrounds himself with unusual objects and original people, his ability to perceive strange and atypical makes a person of this type a pleasant partner in all spheres of his activity.

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