2 House in Aries

For a person in the 2nd house in Aries, the ebullient, energetic energy in the eternal search for the new and unexplored in the business sphere is characteristic. He is a man of extremes, his life is either businesslike, energetic, filled with bright events and actions, or boring, monotonous, even somewhat depressing and limited.

Dimensionality and thoughtfulness is alien to this person, he is not able to calculate the results of his activity in advance, he does not notice and does not evaluate the happened facts and events, preferring to act on the level of intuition and emotions. Every day for him it seems like a new barrier, which must be overcome without hesitation and reflection.

Often this person experiences internal fear and uncertainty over the future, but shows remarkable ingenuity in his attempts to hide it. The environment for this person is divided into two types — well-wishers and enemies. With the first, the person in the 2nd House in Aries is always open, benevolent, straightforward and generous. For the latter, it is dangerous in its rage, thoughtless and impulsive, destructive primarily for itself. But always this person avoids ambiguity and lies, with him one can be sure of the sincerity of everything that he does and says.

Difficulties in communicating with such a person consist in the fact that it can not be changed by logical arguments and arguments. Stubbornness and impulsive haste make this person act rashly, sometimes leading to irreparable consequences.

This person often experiences financial difficulties due to his lack of economy and his unwillingness to obey the order and planning. Although for inner peace and confidence to this person it is vital to have some reserve of funds for the future, otherwise he loses ground under his feet and begins to commit even more ill-considered actions.

He should learn to restrain his emotional impulses and connect to his financial projects thoughtful and rational partners. This person has an excellent ability to open new horizons and overcome new heights, but he lacks the patience and stability to implement the plan. This is a bright leader, but a bad organizer, he lacks the concentration and thoughtful analysis of the actions he performs.

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