Asteroids in 2nd House

Eros in the 2nd House

The second house traditionally rules money, values, resources and innate capabilities. It has a lot to do with valuing our self as a unique individual and can give indications of tangible longings, desires and aspirations.

People with Eros in the second house may value the erotic union as a resource or reserve. An erotic manner may reside with them comfortably like an inborn perception of what they are worth, what they deem estimable. This may actualize as a subtle undertone in some, or a brash and even overbearing urgency in others.

Juno in the 2st House

If you have Juno in your second house then you are likely to marry someone who is wealthy. You will refuse to settle with less. You also base your self-esteem on who you are married to which is very negative for a woman as it makes you harder to be independent. If you are not able to find "the one" you can be very hard on yourself. Also people with Juno in the second house tend to stay ina bad marriage as divorce would be too emotionally catastrophic for them to handle. Juno in the second house can also be the mark of a"gold digger" or of a man who is looking for a "trophy wife." Most of all people with this placement are married to their money and possessions so a poor partner will never do. Well-known people with this placement are Bruce Willis, Meg Ryan, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Costner, Monica Lewinsky, Bridget Fonda and Diane Keaton.

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