2 House in Cancer

A man of 2nd house in Cancer is resourceful, sensitive to the needs of other people and is rational. He is able to make profit, taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses and opportunities, has a unique flair and the ability to adjust to circumstances. It is a goal-oriented person, directing his energy to satisfaction of proprietary instincts and earning capital. Despite his ability to benefit, this person is panic-stricken with poverty and seeks to consolidate his financial position with all his strength.

In dealing with people, he is emotionally affectionate, striving to literally absorb the energy and emotions of close people. In general, this person has a very developed instinct of the owner, he seeks to possess all at once and many, and the thought of spending his capital leads him to confusion.

His world is clearly divided into two parts — that he is pleased and that he is surprised and irritates. From the second part of his life he tries to fence himself off, hiding himself as if he were a shell, striving unconsciously to erase unpleasant phenomena for himself, even from his own thoughts. When confronted with the idea of the indivisibility of the surrounding world and realizes the need for coexistence with unpleasant phenomena, it falls into despair.

This person has to learn to coexist, painfully rewriting his own ideas about the right and wrong, pleasant and useless. His emotional instability can lead to disorientation and loss of his own ideas about the surrounding reality.

For the harmonious development of a person with the 2nd House in Cancer, one must take into account the value of the lake, to learn how to develop a practical and definite strategy for one’s own path. With negative development, the narrow inclinations of a misanthrope, not interested in anything and no one, can develop in this person. With positive development, such a person on the contrary becomes caring, attentive, but at the same time somewhat bustling and intrusive. A sort of distant relative, somewhat awkward, but hospitable and trying to please everyone as much as possible.

If necessary, this person can take an unprecedented step and completely get rid of the accumulated good. However, this happens with him extremely rarely, since this person is extremely careful and reasonable, in part because financially he often has both ups and downs. Sociability and natural practicality can make a good trade agent or public figure out of this person.

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