2 House in Capricorn

The second house in Capricorn is represented by a modest, responsible and somewhat dry person. To such people, extravagance is alien, to money they are treated with great respect, one might even say — with trembling. This attitude is due to the great need for a sense of stability and confidence in the future. The people of this group are stubborn laborers, the money they get is usually not easy, so they are modest and undemanding in their daily needs, have a propensity for thrift and economy.

The surrounding world people of this type perceive hostilely, believing that good in life a little and for all the joys sooner or later have to pay. This is a little emotional, dryish in the manifestations of their feelings people, prone to some kind of boring and picky. In the negative development of personality such people become skilled manipulators who prefer to use their environment for personal gain.

People with a 2nd house in Capricorn, in principle, tend to have a consumer attitude to the world around them. They perceive our planet as a source of minerals, and people — as a potential source of services and income. Social and emotional ties for them do not represent the main life value.

Moral principles of representatives of this type are limited to immediate needs and do not have a clearly defined direction. For a more prosperous development of this type, it is necessary to learn the emotional perception of events around it. This perception can be directed by the personal ethics of the group of rats.

Practicality of people of this type will be especially appropriate when choosing professions related to trade, real estate, agrarian and financial sectors. Ambitions of such people are great, as well as the need to achieve personal well-being. The person of the second house in Capricorn is characterized by avarice towards close people, however, for himself he makes some indulgences and pleases with generous gifts.

Constantly in search of a new earnings, trying not only to increase, but also to save what has already been earned. He is very nervous about his own future, he is often troubled by the awareness of the fragility and illusory nature of his financial stability. In general, the person is anxious and unstable, with a tendency to exaggerate personal problems.

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