Chiron in 2nd House

This shows your deepest wound residing in your sense of self-worth. You may have trouble seeing the worth in your own being without having something to offer. This placement usually shows disappointment in oneโ€™s self when one is having financial difficulties. It can give one an exaggerated need for material assets. When one is well equipped materially, one will still not be happy until they find the worth in their spirit and their own being rather than what they own.

You are not your possessions, your worth is not what you have to physically offer. You can see the worth in others who arenโ€™t well off and can be very helpful in getting them to see the positive sides to themselves that exclude the material, but when it comes to yourself, you are not as kind. This placement shows a need for finding things of value inside yourself rather than outside yourself. When you truly find your personal worth you will be able to transcend your deepest wound.

Chiron in the 2nd House

Individuals with Chiron in the 2nd house know what it is like to do without financial or emotional security. They know how hard it is to live without knowing where your next meal will come from or if one of your parents will return home. Sometimes these individuals have been moved around from pillar to post staying with different family members at different times.

They often have no feeling of having a real home to return to as a child. As they mature these individuals are often very successful and help put back into the communities they came from to support under-privileged children and give them more opportunities.

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