2 House in Gemini

โ€™The life of a man with 2nd house in Gemini is filled with bright discoveries and original ideas. It is a practitioner who is well versed in the reality surrounding him and is able to find beneficial and useful proposals in every aspect of his life. He does not like to limit himself to one direction, he always seeks and finds additional sources of income.

Somewhat superficial, in communicating to others it is guided by mental rather than rational considerations. A person is active, energetic, eagerly interested in everything that happens around in order to obtain new information. He does not tolerate stability and a long stay in one place.

The desire for change often pushes him to travel, and sometimes to change his place of residence. Quickly satiated with a monotonous reality, without emotional recharge, falls into depression, becomes irritable and morose. To deduce from a depressive state of this person it is possible only with the help of new information and change of surrounding scenery.

It is a logician who has a sober mind and some uncompromising attitude in his convictions. To persuade him to change his mind requires long persuasion, backed by material arguments. Often it happens that the person persuading him himself falls under the influence of the person in the 2nd house in Gemini and changes his own plans and attitudes, adjusting to the requirements of this person.

For a more harmonious development, a person with a second home in Gemini should stop spraying his energy, he needs to learn to limit his activities to one or two directions. In this case, his income will increase, and calm and confidence in the future will acquire the necessary stability. For such a person is characterized by the choice of commercial activities related to communication skills and the ability to maneuver between people.

He can become a good politician and successful businessman, but only if he learns to restrain his natural impulses and the desire to change places and activities. In the depths of his soul, this person understands the futility of his life, but does not want and does not know how to find in it true, worthy incarnations of new goals.

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