2 House in Leo

A man born with the 2nd house in Leo is noble and lucky. He solves financial problems quite simply, he treats the accumulated with disdain, easily squandering his fortune on pleasant trifles for close people. Welfare is achieved mainly because of its ability to enter into the trust of high-ranking individuals. Having powerful patrons, he himself strives for the same position and quickly achieves his goal, occupying high positions.

The earnings are stable, which gives him moral stability and calm confidence in his position. To those around him who are at a lower level, they are disgusted, believing that inferior people are not worthy of his attention, and they should not stand on ceremony with them. With a negative development, such people get satraps-conquerors, cruel and unprincipled, who know neither pity nor respect. The only thing that can stop such a person is the idea that another force, more threatening and powerful, can be found on his strength. Therefore, this person tries to suppress in the bud all ideas that can lead to the emergence and development of such a force.

With the surrounding world, such a person builds a fairly simple relationship, which is based on two axes of coordinates: on respect and submission. For him, everything is simple — there are people who are strong and worthy of admiration and there are people who deserve only a disdainful pity, but more often simply ignoring.

However, even with negative development, this person is not devoid of inner nobility, which makes him rather pleasant to communicate with his interlocutor. This unsophisticated type, a convinced practitioner with confidence in the inviolability of the principles he professes, he knows that there is only what he knows and sees. For the harmonious development of a person in the Second House in Leo, one must learn the ethics of exclusion, similar to the ethics of the Aquarian-type mental type.

This is an independent type, an individualist who can not work in conjunction with other people. For him, the world is simple and monotonous, he believes only in what is able to understand or perceive at the physical level. Money earns easily, but the craving for luxury and rash extravagance can ruin it.

For greater confidence and harmony, this person should learn to be objective, able to perceive the personal qualities of other people not by their social status, but by their internal and practical filling. Intellectual, financially educated, talented and motivated this person can achieve much in his life, having learned to transcend through his own pride and disdainful attitude towards others.

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