2 House in Libra

The second house in Libra gives a man, born under this aspect, a somewhat adventurous and restless character. This person is easily involved in all sorts of adventures, can become a mediator in incomprehensible deeds or intricate scams.

Such people value art, so they often cooperate with representatives of the world of bohemia. Their life is full of vacillations between modesty and screaming chic, between accumulation and mindless extravagance. They love comfort, can not hesitate to spend a large sum of money on a prestigious thing, even if they do not need it.

They have a rest at fashionable resorts, live in expensive hotels and apartments, in their life surround themselves with luxuries and exquisite details of the interior. People are divided into higher and lower. To the first they feel awe, they are allowed a lot and forgive much, but in their relations with the latter they become exacting, even cruel. It is believed that for people of the "lowest grade" there is no justice.

In relations, representatives of 2d house in Libra are cold enough, but they do not like to part, they prefer to bring everything to a logical conclusion. And even after parting, they prefer to maintain a relationship, sincerely surprised at their complete rupture.

For this person it is important to learn the balance, the ability to build relationships based on enthusiasm and sincerity. They are too logical and reasonable, this combination is detrimental to their spiritual development. Partnership relations have a strange attraction for people of this combination, all their achievements and losses are connected with partners.

People with 2 houses in Libra combination are extravagant, their financial affairs are often in an intricate state, they can not figure out which they can not do on their own, therefore they leave everything to self. They like luxury, furs, jewelry and expensive pleasures, believe that for their circle there is nothing impossible and unacceptable.

Their external world is strictly differentiated, they once and for all determine for themselves the layer in which their comfort zone will be located. Without such personal ethical preferences, such people absorb the ethics and morals of the environment, which they consider as the maximum permissible for themselves.

People of this type should learn a broader and more independent view of the world and stop wasting their energy and energy on things that are not worth half of the effort spent on them. In fact, they are big children, and they have not managed to determine the line between modesty and defiant behavior.

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