Mercury in 2nd House

Mercury in the second house people spend a lot of time thinking about what they want and how to manifest it. The winged messengerโ€™s intellect is merged with the riches of the second house, and the individual develops intense focus directed toward one jeweled goal. He is a charming conversationalist with a natural talent in sales and conveying the beauty of products and surroundings. He can whip up words like visual poetry.

Much of their financial success and affluence derives from his gift of the gab and magical intuition when it comes to saying the right word to the right person. The second house Mercury person is concerned with developing a place of adorned comfort where he can spend alone with the sensuality of his mind. The individual has a capacity for easy thought manifestation, and the universe is very much about providing what he needs to sustain and nourish him on a mental and intellectual level. With his powerful mind, he is unlikely to descend into unemployment or poverty.

Mercury in the second hose people are vanilla and artistic in word formation and may possess talents in creative writing and music. Even from early childhood, the individual is immensely curious to learn and relishes in the beauty of nature, fauna, fauna and picture books. He may be especially fond of bedtime stories, Disney, mythology and fairy tales.

There are are incredible reserves of concentration and mental abilities here, and once he sets his mind on an academic task there can be no stopping the crystal snowball moving at rapid speed. Much of his career success stems from his use of inborn talents. There may themes of wealth, abundance and great luck.

He typically makes a natural entrepreneur and his enchanting way with words means he can think of 16 different ways to sell something and accumulate 16 times the wealth. He identifies closely with his own thoughts and maintains a lifelong connection in vivid replay of childhood memories. Corporate gain and accreditation is likely to interrelate with the exploitation of his intellectual assets, and even by teaching people how to handle money and expand their wealth.

The second house Mercury person typically lives a life of comfort in the sanctuary of his thoughts, lifeโ€™s words, diamonds and dreams. On the destructive side, he may direct enormous reserves of energy into materialism and rely on his bank balance to supplement self esteem. A supportive early environment planted the seeds which blossom into wisdom for Mercury here, and he has the pressing need to apply a logical conclusion to every query.

He is especially adept at switching off from the world and operating on his own form of auto pilot, and never allows himself to get caught up in the rush and flux of the world. Mercury in the second house people think in jewels and sparkle, and his thoughts are the diamond pathways to the pot of gold the universe has waiting for them.

Mercury in the 2nd House

You have a very practical mind and intelligence, seeing the obvious, most logical answer to any predicament often well before others. You donโ€™t like to be put on the spot or pushed into talking or coming to a conclusion. Studies are similar - you need to work at your own pace.

You can be quite one-track minded at times, not very happy with multi-tasking, and often quite fixed in your opinions. Sensual stimuli is more relevant to you than abstract concepts.

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