2 House in Pisces

A person with 2nd house in Pisces is characterized by uncertainty and impracticality, especially in the financial sphere of its activities. He is a man of a broad soul, he generously distributes his savings, and sometimes he suffers. But sometimes his generosity returns to him a hundredfold, such a person often receives charitable and sponsorship assistance.

He is a man of warm energy, he easily fits into any company, becoming an indispensable component of it. A positive attitude of a man of this type is transmitted even to unfamiliar, unauthorized people, passers-by smiles at him, his children and animals love him. But he categorically lacks practicality and a vital mark.

His financial affairs are in an intricate state, at times this person himself does not know the origin of his own means of subsistence. A person of this type easily adapts to the environment, is devoid of disgust and strict, certain norms of behavior. The impression creates an unassuming person, in part even low in his life aspirations. For such a person it is important to cultivate a system of values aimed at a concrete and thorough ethical reassessment.

A man of two houses in Pisces often is not sure of his own strength, he is easily persuaded and directed in the direction opposite to the original goal. Until he learns to control his own life, this person will be hounded by financial setbacks and professional difficulties. He needs to learn to separate himself from the outside world, develop his own position on vital issues, break the dependence on the opinions of outsiders.

His credulity and negligence in financial matters can play a cruel joke with a representative of this type, this person should learn to pay more attention to the signed documents and the contract being signed. This emotional and patient type of person should be considered professions related to art, especially theatrical and artistic. Also, these people often come to success in the shipbuilding and oil refining industry.

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