2 House in Sagittarius

The man born in the 2nd house in Sagittarius is a versatile and gifted person who easily arranges his financial affairs. These people have great luck, which compensate for their generosity and easy attitude towards money. They often become employees of social funds, patrons of art, they finance charitable and religious activities. They have a tendency to science, especially historical and natural.

Have a wide soul, easily share with the world around everything that they themselves have. But sometimes they are not sufficiently attentive and grateful for the gifts that they receive in return from both nature and people, believing that sooner or later they will still be able to pay their bills. To contain and control Sagittarius enthusiasm, this type of person should take into account the group ethics of the twins, which makes it possible to approach the analysis of what is happening from the mental side.

People of this type are cordial, open, friendly. The world is perceived as a joyful tale, but at times a few are carried away and flirted. In a low development, these people can be somewhat wide-spread in their desires, seeking to attract as many people and objects as possible to their advantage.

With a positive direction, people with the 2nd Home in Sagittarius are inclined to idealize the surrounding world, to seek out and spread the idea of universal well-being. Such people are a festive firework, they appreciate the joy, brightness and free expression of emotions, while they try with all their strength to tear away from their environment everything that can prevent them from remaining in a complacent state of mind.

In financial terms they have an amazing flair and luck, easily solve even tricky problems. But such ease in making vital decisions can play a cruel joke with representatives of this sign, turning them into either a self-confident and frivolous tyrant, or an apathetic and bored slacker. In order not to be discouraged by the representatives of this group, it is necessary to change the situation, go on trips, in which, incidentally, they can also make good money. It is an easy type of people, bringing joy to others with their energy and a positive attitude to life.

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