2 House in Scorpio

Man with 2nd House in Scorpio — is an extraordinary personality, non-standard, in some ways even risky. Possessing an undoubted and surprising talent to turn simple and artless things into expensive items of trade — people of this combination rarely achieve financial well-being. The whole fault is their impracticality and principledness, because of which they commit rash acts and incommensurable waste.

In ordinary life, their partners bring in fixed capital to these people, and the representatives of this combination themselves are able to squander funds for meaningless and sometimes even criminal adventures. They very often lacked life sustainability and pragmatism, the ability for long-term planning and self-control.

In relations with others, these people are unceremonious and uncontrollable, they can not hesitate to offend a partner and trample on a long-term relationship in an instant. They do not appreciate and do not remember, criticism is not perceived, when trying to point out the incorrectness of their actions, they can fall into anger and uncontrolled outbursts of rage. By this behavior they can turn even a friendly and complacent interlocutor into a personal irreconcilable rival.

These are rancorous people, they are able not only to remember for a long time the offense they inflicted, but also for a long period to nurture and implement sophisticated ways of revenge. To rectify this state of affairs can only be the orientation of this type on the body’s moral and ethical group values, at the attainment of which it is possible to obtain an emotionally balanced character.

People with the 2 house in Scorpio to exaggerate their own capabilities, conceit and disdain for humanity as a whole. They have a remote understanding of the true nature of human relationships, which often themselves suffer. They can start their own business, they have good data for success in political and scientific activity, but they often lack internal restraint and self-control.

In details of the true position of their finances devote reluctantly, preferring to independently solve problems that arise with enviable constancy. The man of this combination often turns out to be on the verge of complete bankruptcy, but non-standard thinking and natural sharpness allow them to find unexpected and simple ways out of the financial crisis.

In general, this person is aggressive, inclined to jealousy and irritability, but at the same time he is able to take useful lessons from the mistakes of his past. Having learned to control one’s character, one can achieve a high position in society.

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