2 House in Taurus

A man with the 2nd house in Taurus is prone to some stinginess and rationality in planning his spending. He easily adapts to external changes, has a flexible mindset and is able to come to his own benefit in every situation that has turned up. He loves luxury and appreciates quality, professionally made things, especially when it comes to the instrument for his professional activities.

For such a person, there is no difficulty in a long, monotonous and laborious work. He is quite inactive, avoids boiling energy and actively minded people. It is lost when it is necessary to take momentary decisions, at the same time it is hardworking and fulfilling, it easily goes to the goal when it is clear and the rosary is defined.

With a successful development, it is able to appreciate the surrounding world from the point of view of the embodiment of the highest idea. There is a certain inclination towards philistinism, in everyday life surrounds itself with soft, luxurious things, prefers comfort and convenience. Greedy, with difficulty gets rid of the acquired, even if it has no real value for him. He likes soft furniture and all sorts of decorative little things, especially textiles.

In communicating with the outside world, a man in the 2nd house in Taurus is rude and intractable, he is not able to penetrate deep into the feelings and emotions of strangers. He is very jealous of everything that has material value, but he does not perceive things abstract and inaccessible to his inner convictions.

Such a person should be more attentive to others, learn to adopt someone elseโ€™s experience and rebuild their lives in proportion to the requirements and desires of loved ones. Having learned to perceive and accept the emotions of strangers, this person will be able to discover new horizons and make his life more intense and bright.

In all that concerns finances, personal material prosperity, this person is jealous and constant. He knows how to value time and things, is able to make practical purchases, saving and increasing his wealth. Excellent versed in everything, as far as the material side of life, especially from a financial point of view.

Despite some craving for luxury - this person knows how to soberly assess their capabilities, he takes care of the safety and proper distribution of their savings. Full financial stability is for him a fundamental priority and the main life goal.

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