2 House in Virgo

Man with 2nd house in Virgo is prone to pettiness, pedantry and balance. These people perfectly perceive the details and are able to add individual fragments that surround their reality to the whole and complete picture. The person of the system, works well in corporations and associations, can use his friends in joint projects and undertakings. In money relations is fortunate, therefore has a tendency to exaggerate the material side of his life.

His external world consists of many details, disparate parts, from which he himself collects the picture that best corresponds to his life position. Emotionally cold, puts financial well-being above spiritual development. He tries to use several sources of income at the same time, rational, scrupulous and precise in his aspirations. He does not know how to be late, his life is subordinated to the plan and accurate calculation.

Knows how to handle money, therefore, everything related to finance can become its main activity. From people of this type, good accountants, intermediaries, tax specialists and financiers are obtained, that is, all professions requiring caution, ingenuity and resourcefulness in money calculations.

In order to achieve inner harmony, a man with 2nd house in Virgo needs to learn to be unselfish in his love for his neighbor, a feeling of pity and sympathy, similar to the ethical values of fish group morality. His penchant for manipulation can play a cruel joke in the development of his personality, therefore one of the important qualities that should be developed by a representative of this combination is sincerity, as the basis of relationships.

Such a person is ambitious enough, but cautious, money for him is an important component for achieving inner and spiritual balance. Has a well-defined system of values, is capable of a long and inexorable comprehension of the tasks set, but it is not initiative-oriented and weak-willed in making important decisions. Having developed inner nobility and having learned with great attention to the needs of others, this person can become a great performer and a good organizer.

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