3 House in Aquarius

People who have a 3 house in Aquarius tend to present their thoughts cleverly and interestingly. Intuitive thoughts, suddenly overtaking their insight, are used to materialize thoughts. They are distinguished by a practical, progressive and balanced type of thinking. In a relationship, they want to preserve friendliness, decency, honesty. Because of what with close people they have a strange, unusual connection. To express their thoughts, they tend to use original and intelligible arguments.

For everyday communication these individuals use a standard, simple, very modest way. They are unable to achieve order in everyday life, they are characterized by confusion and chaos. With their neighbors and colleagues, they have friendly relations. With strangers, such individuals behave somewhat alienated, dry and cold. This does not mean that they are cold and indifferent, they just need time to become contact.

Representatives of this group need to develop a thorough and concrete approach to other people, to learn to perceive and respect anotherโ€™s inner world. With study, they have some difficulties. Theoretical aspects are given to them much easier than practical tasks. The teachers will have the authority of them with an extravagant, original style of information, which will not limit the thought process of their students.

Representatives of this group should avoid biased, authoritarian, overly emotional teachers who are able to direct the energy of the wards to another channel. From individuals with the 3rd House in Aquarius, power teachers are obtained, which will allocate students with physical and mathematical inclinations. They need to train themselves in the ability to compromise with the individuality and uniqueness of their wards.

People with such an aspect of influence as the 3rd house in Aquarius are sociable and communicative personalities who love to build original and non-ordinary relationships. They are proud of being able to evoke respect for their own individuality. They have increased abilities for foreign languages, mathematics and physics. Often because of their talkativeness, they spend a lot of intellectual energy. Activity, subtlety of mind, curiosity is driven by people who gladly take up reading books and other authoritative ways of obtaining information.

These are extremely active, creative, intelligent individuals who are capable of quick, thoughtless decision-making. At one point they can drop out of school, for which they spent a significant part of their lives, but after refreshing, they resume their studies again. Because of the inability of native people to adequately assess the motivations of the individual with the 3rd House in Aquarius, the individual often becomes a "white sheep" in his family.

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