Asteroids in 3rd House

Eros in the 3rd House

The third house traditionally deals with ideas, communication, learning, short journeys and siblings. It describes the early environment and local community, left brain activity or the rational mind, and our attitude to leaning and knowledge in general. If consciousness is, as Richard Idemon used to say, "what we think and what we think we think," the third house is the arena of that consciousness. It is the way in which we think we perceive the environment.

When Eros resides in the third house, communication itself can become an erotic experience. The written and expressed word, the transmission of information and the act of learning or teaching may all create an experience of erotic transformation for those involved. These can be people who really enjoy writing letters, keeping a diary or journal or getting up and making a speech.

Juno in the 3st House

If you have Juno in the third house the most important quality in a partner for you is the ability to talk to each other. The ability to communicate or act as a team supersedes sexual prowess orriches. It is very important for you to find a soul mate. When it comes to courting rituals you are very much wooed by poetry and romantic letters. You are also more likely to find a partner online than other placements of Juno. An interesting example of a person with Juno in the third house is Keanu Reeves who never emails and instead believes in writing hisloved ones long letters. Other celebrities with this placement are Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Clint Eastwood Lady Diana andGeorge W. Bush.

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