3 House in Cancer

In a situation where 3rd house in Cancer, a person will be characterized by variability in the relationship, which directly depends on the mood of its owner. With relatives, friends, neighbors, such an individual will show diligence, courtesy, sensitivity. Such a person plans a travel or business trips only in case of emergency, tries to resolve issues by other available means.

People of this category are able to experience the deepest affection for colleagues and friends. To contact unknown people, they are extremely rare, ease and immediacy they reach extremely difficult. At a subconscious level, they tend to experience some unreasonable anxiety, fear.

In relations, such individuals prefer to remain somewhat cautious, believing that one can not fully trust a person. To open their true feelings and emotions people with 3 House in Cancer, too, will not. If the nature develops harmoniously, then it draws a compelling spiritual warmth. To people in whom the individual is in a confidential relationship, he will be extremely attentive, courteous and caring.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that these are vulnerable and vulnerable personalities. If the nature of the House 3 in Cancer is not harmoniously developed, then the ability to manipulate, distrust, selfishness will begin to manifest in it. With a high level of development, it shows insight, the ability to clearly understand and feel the mood of the neighbor.

Such people are distinguished by their ability to learn, helping them in that heightened emotionality and interest in learning. To understand what is actually driving them is extremely difficult, because they hide behind the mask of their insolvency. Such an opinion about themselves is formed under the influence of complexes. They are more receptive to the emotional context of learning.

Interest in learning from the representatives of this group appears only on the condition of an individual approach to it from the teacher. The visual aids and colorful illustrations, as well as to the enthusiasm of the teacher, he remains indifferent. A pedagogue with a 3 house in Cancer is able to distinguish favorites, make pets among pupils. Such individuals prefer to use their spiritual authority, in the phase of Capricornโ€™s influence. At this stage, he can learn something from his wards, if he can take from them a rigid information flow.

At a young age, laziness and inattention of people with the 3rd House in Cancer prevents them from learning. But due to their well-developed memory, they manage to remember the information thoroughly and for a long time. The categoricity of such people prevents them from starting and strengthening relationships. They like to travel, spend time outside the house.

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