3 House in Capricorn

People who are influenced by the 3rd house in Capricorn, differ in their coldness and restraint in their own statements. Without substantial reasons, they will not talk, argue, speak, because of what they manage to create the impression of closed, dry, silent and stale natures. Wishing to receive a vivid reaction to their statements, such individuals carefully think over what they can say. This is the reason for their sharp, loud statements.

Communication with relatives, colleagues and neighbors is developing at some distance, they can not get close to them. Before going somewhere, it is important for them to get exhaustive information about this place. In themselves and other people they will bring up practicality and responsibility. They hardly manage to understand and accept disinterestedness, altruism, justice, these concepts are not for them.

It is difficult for the representatives of this group to receive people along with their ideology, life principles and priorities. They perceive a person as a member of society, with a set of certain skills, skills and other qualities. Such individuals can not consider other members of society to have their own inner world. If such a House is pricked or offended, it can result in the development of phobias in it, dryness and distrust of others.

The predominance of harmonious aspects in the development of the character of people with the 3rd House in Capricorn, contributes to the development of administrative, organizational qualities of the individual. They receive excellent managers, which inspire trust, respect from colleagues. The process of training is not easy for them, they have difficulties and turning points in this field.

To achieve success, such students are helped by purposefulness, ability to concentrate, patience. From them, organized, consistent and overly demanding teachers are obtained. To their wards, they are impatient and critical. They use the spiritual component of the students as a material for modeling such specialists. The learning process can turn into a dry, lifeless process.

Both in pedagogy and in studies, these people are capable of much, if they do not rush. Material is perceived and assimilated by them very fruitfully in a calm atmosphere, without fuss. These are thoughtful, serious, doubting and carefree personalities. If they are not perceived and understood, the sincerity of such individuals for security hides behind a mask of coldness and indifference.

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