Jupiter in 3rd House

Your thirst for knowledge is what brings you good luck. With Jupiter in the 3rd house you know how to use that luck to your advantage. Because of your endless curiosity you are always going new places and meeting new people, which keeps you happy and satisfied in life.

Jupiter is symbolic of fortune, prosperity, wealth and good luck. You use your talents to help educate people. You are always adding to your wealth of knowledge and you know the best way to communicate your ideas. You believe good luck comes from doing good deeds, and for you that means advancing the education of everyone you come across.

Because you are a social creature who enjoys a lively conversation. You attract those who want to join in on the discussion. You feel very lucky to have the friends that make up your social circle and you are constantly adding to that number.

Just be careful not to increase that number by too much, or else you may find you are spreading yourself too thin. You can be a bit scatterbrained and that means people can get left by the wayside if you forget about a meeting with them.

But the ability of people with Jupiter in the third house to see the bigger picture makes them a great person to offer advice and help others. You truly care about your loved ones and want to see them happy. And this shows whenever you spend time with them. You feel you are unable to grow spiritually without the love and friendship from others, which is why you are constantly meeting new people. You feel the need to expand your horizons or else you feel dull and complacent.

You don’t want to be just comfortable in life. You want to discover everything that it has to offer. This is how you build your lucky streak, by constantly putting yourself in the midst of new and wonderful adventures. Just make sure you’re not always leaving people behind when you take off on a trip. Bring someone along on each journey and that will not only make it special for them, but make it even more special for you. Learn to focus on one or two subjects at a time, and you’ll be able to increase your knowledge at an even greater rate.

The Jupiter in 3rd house astrology predicts that you can easily become overwhelmed by too many new faces and new experiences. So don’t move on from one situation until you’ve absorbed everything you could from it. This is how you can continue your lucky streak and spread your good will to others at the same time. You often feel as if you’re being pulled in many different directions at once, and only you have control over that.

Because the Jupiter in 3rd house person in are such a social butterfly, they are always surrounded by people who love you and want only the best for you. This makes you not only lucky, but happy and healthy as well. Be sure to treat everyone with the same love and respect by slowing down and living in the moment, rather than always adding more moments to your life.

Allow your friends and family to slow you down and enjoy the more peaceful times. Constant chaos can wear you down, and that will interfere with your excitement and enthusiasm for life. Don’t let anything break your spirit!

Jupiter in the 3rd House

You are forward-looking - a real planner. You are endlessly curious and enjoy making happy connections with others. Sharing ideas with others is important to you - you take great pleasure in doing so. You are able to see the big picture and thus often are turned to for advice. You are sincerely interested in others, and you easily put people at ease in social situations.

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