3 House in Leo

People who have 3rd House in Leo, differ in their inner strength, creativity and energy. In communication, they actively use their intellectual abilities, dramatism, courage, ingenuity and determination. Travel they use as a tool for obtaining pleasure, inspiration and communication.

Such individuals are capable of global thinking, they always filter out trifles. Inventiveness and ingenuity in them is manifested in artistic forms. Itโ€™s nature that you can not stand being alone. As a child, they adore meeting guests. To the new contacts, acquaintances, communication representatives of this category are with increased enthusiasm.

In dealing with other people, a man with the 3rd house in Leo, is capable of exercising power and respects authority in people. He implicitly adheres to the principle that rightness is determined by force. Such an individual is critical of cunning, craftiness and resourcefulness. It differs in its stability of views, it is easier for him to try to change the attitude of others towards his opinion than to change his own view of things.

People with the 3rd House in Leo do not like to listen to arguments of reason that contradict his own convictions. Straight-heartedness, generosity, scale, devotion to the idea, courage such individuals educate in themselves and appreciate in people. At the training stage, they are actively and poured into the energy flow of the teacher, who is eventually adored and deified.

Teacher for the representatives of this group is an ideal, which they will not allow anyone to criticize and condemn. Well, if they already had to, are disappointed in the mentor, then this process is extremely painful and acute, while losing interest in learning. These individuals in pedagogy give priority to energy, dedication, enthusiasm, innovative approach of the teacher and do not react at all to the qualifications and breadth of the mentorโ€™s knowledge.

The process of training representatives with the 3rd House in Leo is effective only if there is a continued interest in learning. Learning, cramming will not give them any result, since the subconscious completely rejects the knowledge obtained in this way. In the role of teachers such people behave authoritatively and authoritatively, although they themselves do not realize it. Hot temper and partiality, a direct influence on the wards is inherent in such teachers.

The inner fuse of a man from this group is capable of both awakening and burning. It is important for him to cultivate detachment, coldness and calmness. This is an ambitious, enterprising, inquisitive and curious nature. It is distinguished by a thirst for knowledge, a love for new information. An ingeniousness, insight, the ability to correctly form their thoughts makes such an interesting interlocutor.

The deification of the people of this group in their childhood is domestic, making them active, confident and happy. Their ability to make contact with any psychotypes promotes career growth, success in the creative field. These are individuals who will convince themselves and others in their own right.

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