Mars in 3rd House

Mars in the third house people possess incredible energy surges to pour into intellectual pursuits and the expansion of knowledge. The fiery planet of Mars sparks friction in the airy 3rd House. In the home of communication, short journeys, travel, siblings, information, media, mind and speech, the individual is brimming with new ideas and explosive mental energy.

He is rapid in thinking and enjoys taking on mental challenges in leisure time. This may involve self directed study, sudoku, crosswords, debate and discussion. The third house Mars person can express manic in nature, and may seem to always be rushed. They are typically unable to sit still or wait in patience.

Mars in the third people love the sentiment of learning and find good success in the academic institution. There is the desire to continue progressing through school and many prolong their studies for as long as they can. They may even often become permanent students. Powered by a curious intellect, he is guided by insatiable inquisitiveness and the need to know all the answers all at once.

As sharp speakers and animated debaters, they tend to be both emotional and forceful in dialogue, and especially enthusiastic about issues that impassion them. He may be a stellar poet bound with a fierce political debater. Mars here are provocative and direct in their communication style, and often lively, warm and vibrant in the way they express themselves. When it comes to their brothers and sisters, he fiercely protective, and will go into battle under any condition. This placement suggests an abundance of short journeys, especially around adolescence.

The placement of Mars here brings war torn chaos into the mind and communication realm. The individual tends to be quite argumentative, even provoking debate for their own intellectual pleasure. The third house Mars indicates a level of impulsivity, and he will passionately project their opinions without hesitation, driven by the urgency to share their knowledge with others.

Patience is no virtue here, and the pressing need to have information now causes them to miss vital clues. Driving tuition is recommended for this placement, as a severe impatience fuses reckless driving. Third house Mars people are master debaters, and tied with their mental acuity, the pen and the word are the swords gifted to them as they take on the planet of War.

Mars in the 3rd House

You speak your mind quite readily, sometimes shooting from the hip when it comes to expressing your ideas and opinions. You tend to know a lot about a variety of subjects, and like to share that knowledge with others (sometimes too forcefully!). You are generally very direct and clear when it comes to communicating. You can easily get worked up about what others might think are trivial matters. You love a good debate.

Whether you know it or not, or no matter your intentions, you can be provocative in your communication style. You are likely gifted with manual dexterity, although you might easily become impatient with tasks. At your best, you are enthusiastic, animated, and lively in the way you express yourself, and this can inspire others. You will fervently defend your opinions and beliefs, as well as your family and childhood.

You will have a lot to say on almost any subject, and can be really informative, or merely disruptive. You may take a difference of opinion as a personal affront because of your strong beliefs, but remember that someone else may have something important to contribute, so is worth listening to. No one is better than you at presenting your ideas. As long as you remain confident, rather than "cocky", you’ll always find an audience to share your store of knowledge.

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