Moon in 3rd House

Those with the Moon in the 3rd house find that communications, immediate interactions, and thoughts are influenced by their emotions. The person has what is often called the ‘common touch’ and this just means that they relate to the general public, neighbors, and have the ability to keep in contact with people. There is an emotional reception to picking up others thoughts and the talent of providing intellectual nourishment for others and they can be reassuring along with a need to communicate that is often paramount.

In astrology the Moon relates family as well as to things passed, but also everything that is still profoundly felt. Those with this position of the Moon accumulate a lot of knowledge over a variety of subjects. Some of these subjects may be about the past, and the person can be found studying history, archaeology and genealogy.

The Moon in the 3rd house needs lots of intellectual stimulation, and knowledge can be food for the soul and they often have a hunger for education, a curiosity for more data. Within this lunar position lives the perpetual student eternally aroused by the discovery of new information and it is what lights up the inner being and makes them feel a deep connection and a secret sense of who they are naturally, something they have always felt within from an early age.

When the Moon lands in the 3rd house of Hermes at birth, then they will need to learn about the environment, and there may be constantly changing interests, gathering thoughts and possessing opinions that are always waxing and waning. Those with a 3rd house Moon are often bright and articulate, bequeathed with gifts in the dominion of the mind. They often have a wide range of interests, and the Moon and the Mind can be both quite changeable.

The Moon moves through phases reflecting changes of moods in whatever house it is placed, the individual can always be changing their thoughts, and it can so often reflect a simply restless mind, constantly thinking, and linking things together - filled to the brim with plenty of mental activity.

The 3rd house of the chart is the house of movement, and there is a lot of processing happening and the perceptual clogs are always turning in the mind. It can also mean that they travel a lot about the local area moving about continually within their own city. The person may be up and down and on the go all the time.

This movement sometimes reveals itself in frequent changes of residence. Other times it can represent security and safety as the Moon clings to what it needs in order to feel a sense of connectedness and familiarity and the more one knows about stuff in the environment the more rooted one feels.

The Moon in the 3rd house may feel more comfortable with the TV always switched on, or the radio playing, newspapers, books and magazines around the home. Since the 3rd house also rules siblings and childhood friends it can show some incredibly close bonds or definite strong feelings either way depending on how the Moon is aspected. From time to time early friendships a brother or sister can be a source of emotional sustainment or it can even symbolize frustrating and emotional problems.

The Moon is like an emotional sponge and whatever it soaks up in the environment it tends to retain, and often it can be linked a retentive memory and the mind overall tends to be more impressionable. The third house is called the seat of consciousness, but since the Moon rules the 4th house - familiarly known as the seat of the unconscious - this person has both worlds. The Moon’s influence over the mental domain brings together the conscious and the unconscious, and usually with the lunar power there can be a lot of talking about the past and aslo grasping ideas from a deeper source within.

The Moon in the 3rd house has a sympathetic understanding and when placed in the sphere of the mind, there always needs to be a wide array of environmental stimuli. Talking is often a kind a therapy for them with the ability to verbalize the feelings and bridging together the heart of the individual with the thinking head. A strong desire is present to interact with others, and most learning can at times be achieved on the gut level of understanding rather than relying on pure facts.

The Moon here can also make the mind an imaginative place and there are usually well developed, artistic, and intuitive leanings that combine into a wonderful talent for writing, communication, along with literacy abilities. The capability that is genuinely inherent appears in their authenticity to actually feel with words which is a lovely talent resulting in the empathetic communicator, storyteller, and poet. Another aptitude also shows itself in their ability to imitate others or generally find a way to communicate personally taking a wholly personal approach to each conversation catering to the other’s needs.

Often as the Moon relates to feelings and the 3rd house to writing, they make great journalists, media reporters, and teachers. They have a sensitive way of teaching and feel at home in the classroom. The placement may also be shown in the public speaker, and the kind of person that can sway the opinions of the audience leaving behind an emotional resonance purely by the words they have spoken.

Since the 3rd house rule’s over transport, the natives can also be found in this realm of life or as shopkeepers or counsellors. They generally love attaining information and connecting it all together and then communicating all that has been learned. It is very natural for this person to do this as it’s something that is innate within the personality. The person often feels an intense need to always talk about their emotions, or write them down.

A 3rd house Moon can be the marker of the journal writer illustrating the propensity to write their feelings down in a diary to make that connection between thoughts and feelings, rather similar to a public commentator, but it is done in a more private way, and they record the personal life.

Sometimes there can be confusion over what one feels and thinks and whether the thinking is more subjective because feelings will always cloud intellectual judgement, and often the individual is left feeling strongly over things that have been said, and viewing words as having powerful emotional overtones with the truest ability to move people. When they speak it can also add an emotionally vivid coloration depending on the element, sign and aspects.

The Moon rules the deepest needs of a person and what makes us feel most comfortable, and at home. The Moon is also often called the private face, the one that isn’t shown in public. It also reveals what is innate within and what some of our natural talents are as well as habits and lifestyle we are most drawn towards. The area of communicating is a very familiar one, and the perception of life is often highly influenced by what they were feeling at that time.

If the Moon is particularly heavy emotionally, then decision making may be difficult due to always worrying about the feelings. Often when we partner with someone it is a good idea to see the Moon of the individual as it’s the part we will see when we live with them. Those with moon in the 3rd house of communication are basically most comfortable with writing and learning, possessing an intense draw to all aspects of relating to the world through ideas, thinking and talking.

Moon in the 3rd House

You are very responsive, communicative, and curious. You can have a talent for imitating others and/or for picking up languages. You might either intellectualize your emotions rather than truly feel them and deal with them, or you communicate with excessive emotion. Some of you may do both at different times, and as you mature and develop, you learn to find a balance.

Your opinions and ideas change often, and you might find that sometimes you adopt others’ points of view and express their ideas as if they were your own. This is not necessarily because you are a copy-cat, but because you sometimes fail to own your own thoughts, and you are so very sensitive to others’ opinions. You might be quite nervous and restless, requiring frequent changes of scenery, even if the movement or travel takes place locally.

You often make decisions solely for emotional or personal reasons, because something "feels right" or because you’ve always done it a certain way and you are uncomfortable changing it. Even when you think you’re being rational, your prejudices, intuitions, and feelings influence your thoughts a great deal. You are comfortable talking about feelings and personal subjects, and sharing confidences, which enables others to express their own inner feelings with you as well. You have good psychological insight into others.

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