3 House in Scorpio

When there is the 3rd house in Scorpio, personality traits such as insight, adventurousness and resourcefulness manifest themselves in a person. They are characterized by a bright and extraordinary composition of the mind, a sincere and concise speech. Such people always know what to say to the place, which makes them pleasant and interesting interlocutors.

Communicating with colleagues, friends and family members, the representatives of this group are categorical and laconic. When building relationships with other people, they show uncompromising attitude, stubbornness and heightened emotionality. But they prefer authoritative silence to empty indignation. But if they need to speak, then they express themselves strictly on the merits, while severely criticizing the interlocutor.

If a person is not harmoniously developed, then these individuals will be irreconcilable, they will try to transfer the blame from themselves to their neighbor. They perceive the social society as aggressive, because of what they seek to protect themselves by attacking the opponent. Even logical arguments are not capable of convincing such individuals who defend themselves with malicious attacks, but at the same time consider themselves kind and sympathetic.

A harmoniously developed personality with the 3rd House in Scorpio is extremely demanding in relation to itself. She manages to adapt her social ethics to missionary life programs. Due to this nature is freed from the influence of public opinion on their own life principles, it can clearly delineate their own life principles from public stereotypes.

In the process of training, this group of people pay much attention to the teacher, extremely sharply react to his prejudiced attitude. Excessive susceptibility makes them painful to endure even mild and constructive remarks. It is very difficult to keep goodwill and sympathy for such students. To improve the effectiveness of the educational process, they need to get rid of self-criticism and believe in their strength.

With the right approach, such individuals are able to comprehend the depth of the issue, and become an effective and competent teacher. Increased commitment, suspicion, criticality is inherent in these people. They have contact with the mystical and esoteric world. In conversation, they are characterized by increased attention, concentration on the process of communication. Before you commit yourself to something, they will carefully think through and recheck.

People of this with the aspect of 3rd House in Scorpio are silent more than they say. But they can very rarely speak in the direction of the opponent. The style of their communication is characterized by wit, intelligence, spirituality. Ability to analytics and excellent memory will allow them to easily accumulate and knowledge. From them professional literary critics and art analysts are obtained.

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