3 House in Taurus

If 3rd house in Taurus these people slowly, but thoroughly and constructively form their thoughts. All the perceived information is subject to reflection and rethinking, so the decision is not made immediately. All their intellectual abilities and practical skills they direct to enrichment, the accumulation of wealth. Well, they perceive and reproduce the algorithm of entrepreneurship and trade relations.

These individuals will present their point of view systematically and consistently, avoiding a sharp change of subject. In relation to close people, they form a firm and lasting opinion, which then does not change under the influence of periodic random opinions. Even in childhood, adolescence, they are marked by life positions that are subject to rigid adjustment in youth. It is hard for them to change those foundations that were formed in an atmosphere of dysfunctional, conflictual family relations.

Representatives of this category tend to meet and evaluate new people "by clothes", they pay special partial attention to the level of financial well-being and the brand of the car of their new acquaintance. And they are ready to forgive many wealthy individuals, but less wealthy people will not receive such privileges from the 3rd House in Taurus.

The increased interest is observed in such individuals for awards, decorations, and various regalia. They are inclined to build relationships on a solid material basis. Acute social events and incidents are not capable of provoking a sharp reaction in them, but require rethinking and deliberation. And the patience characteristic of these individuals manifests itself in relationships and in learning.

The process of training is somewhat difficult for representatives of this group. To consolidate information, they need the materialization of the information received. Their susceptibility is enhanced by the use of bright visual aids, since the dry flow of information does not suit them. It is important for them to be able to systematize and organize the received data. Otherwise, the learning process seems overwhelming, and self-esteem is underestimated, which further complicates the study.

Of the people with the 3rd house in Taurus, they receive detailed, hardy, constructive and patient teachers. They will long and patiently explain, using in the process visual aids and models, as well as a metaphorical presentation. They need to train in themselves piercing insight, a property that distinguishes the Scorpions.

Initially, such individuals are perceived as compliant, soft natures. But it is worthwhile to get to know them more closely, as their inherent stubbornness and categoricalness will prove themselves in full. They are talented natures, whose talent allows to develop in the field of art, literature and music.

Due to well-developed intuitive abilities, members of this group are able to understand other individuals well. Their childhood passes happily and carefree, they live their youth quietly, without unnecessary emotional upheavals. Comfortable to such people in the circle of relatives and friends with whom they are able to maintain a cordial relationship.

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